Test and Measurement

Technology to accelerate speed to market

In the fast-changing electronics industry, test equipment evolves at incredible speed.

Each new electronic device, standard, and protocol needs equipment that can validate performance and compliance. To ensure speed to market, testing equipment and technology sometimes needs to be developed before the electronics being tested.

Winchester Interconnect provides solutions for every type of test system, using techniques built on years of experience. Winchester designs and equips EMC test chambers for reliability, high performance, and high functionality.  Winchester also designs and manufactures a comprehensive set of RF connectors, with the widest range of interfaces offered up to 65 GHz

Working in close collaboration and partnership with customers, Winchester uses the industry’s best technology to develop solutions in real time, helping customers create more reliable products while cutting development time.

Applications of Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Network analyzers characterize electrical systems at high frequencies.
  • Bioscience test equipment has applications from experiments on DNA and molecules to monitoring food processing.
  • Portable test equipment performs laboratory-quality measurements and tests in the field.
  • Automated test equipment uses automation to evaluate electronics devices and systems.
  • Front end modules and power amplifiers generate the signals needed to test and characterize the latest generation of RF front end components.
  • Data acquisition devices gather data for single or multifunction measurements.

Test & Measurement Solutions

Laboratories and Test Chambers

  • Acoustic chambers
  • EMC chambers
  • Microwave chambers
  • Antenna Measurement chambers

Test methodologies

Immunity testing bombards the device under test (DUT) with an extremely powerful broadband signal. This ensures the DUT will not react in an unpredictable manner if a random signal is encountered. Immunity testing can require high-power cables and connectors to function with high power signal generators.
Emissions testing checks what signals the DUT is giving off. This type of testing requires high-frequency, high-durability products to perform reliably over a wide variety of setup configurations.

Test Systems

  • Connectors
    • RF
      • Standard RF interfaces
        • Miniature, sub-miniature, standard, high-power
        • Frequencies from 500 MHz to 65 GHz
        • Power ratings from 100 Watts to 190 KW
        • Hermetically-sealed cables and connectors
      • Application specific connector designs
        • Mechanical design support (SMPM-T : Threaded SMPM)
        • PCB board optimization
        • Value-add design engineering support
    • Blind Mate
      • Application-specific and standard configurations
      • B2B, IO or other configurations as required
      • Frequencies from 500 MHz to 65 GHz
  • Cable and Cable Assemblies
    • LF
      • Open-source policy
      • Global manufacturing and supply chain
      • Value-added engineering
    • RF
      • Flexible
        • Range of assemblies on ruggedized, low loss flexible and high power cables
      • Semi Rigid
        • Custom bending capabilities
        • Rapid prototyping
  • Value add assemblies
    • Sub assemblies
      • To print assemblies
      • Global manufacturing and sourcing
      • Value-add manufacturing engineering
  • Cable Harnesses