SRC Haverhill products are now under the Win™ brand from Winchester Interconnect™.
Win is a new product brand from Winchester Interconnect, encompassing trusted brands like SRC Haverhill and others. By consolidating powerful interconnect offerings under Win, Winchester offers a stronger and more unified experience for our customers.

Over the next six to 12 months, we will transition the name SRC Haverhill to the new brand, Win. Be assured that the solutions you rely on today will continue to be available under the Win brand.

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SRC-316 & SRC-316 TS (triple shield)
SRC316 is twice as flexible, and is 20% lower loss, than standard RG 316 type coax. The main benefit is shielding greater than 90dB or 110db vs. 40 dB. This cable is suitable for high-volume products or to replace Mil-C-17 assemblies with a slightly higher-performance option.

SRC316 and SRC316-TS "Triple Shield" was designed to replace standard RG316, RG174 and RG188 for a variety of microwave antenna, microwave component, test equipment, radar and tactical applications where superior electrical performance and reliability are paramount. Both cables offer an advanced 'cross-linked' pre-treated dielectric and shielding above 110dB. SRC316-TS also performs well up to 18GHz.

This cable is well suited for short run, quick-turn custom assemblies or production test gear flexible cabling. Depending upon the frequency of your application, SRC316 and SRC316TS may be assembled with MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, TNC, N, SMP, and SMPM connectors.

If you need reverse polarity, a hard to find connector or special markings, SRC Haverhill products can deliver. If you have questions or need assistance, Winchester Interconnect’ experts will be glad to help with tight schedules, small lot-sizes or high-volume orders.
SRC Steelflex
SRC Steelflex is designed to be a flexible alternative to standard 085 coax (RG405) and 141 (RG402) semi rigid coax. Using proven off-the-shelf semi-rigid direct soldered connectors makes these assemblies cost-effective. The connector ends have custom, armorized metal boots and heavy-duty PVC shrink that make the solder joints extremely durable.

SteelFlex is an excellent choice for tactical or electronic warfare applications or for higher frequency test cables and detachable interconnects that demand low attenuation in an affordable low loss flexible coax cable.

SRCH SteelFlex 50 Ohm cables are assembled to your specs and available with your markings. This versatile flexible cable is right when you need a coaxial cable that must be phase stable, withstand multiple flexures, provide greater power handling capability, exhibit low attenuation comparable to semi-rigid, and have shielding greater than 110dB. SteelFlex is designed to offer a good bend radius, angle of flex and stable electrical properties after multiple flexures. It may be armorized and can be configured with a very wide choice of connectors, depending upon the frequency of your application, including: MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, TNC, N, 3.5mm, SMP, SMPM, 2.9mm (K), 2.4mm and 1.85mm (V).
SRC Haverhill Vortex Ultra Low Loss Cable Assemblies
Vortex flexible 83% VP cable assemblies are tested 100% for VSWR and insertion loss. With low loss dielectric, these cables are extremely phase stable over temperature compared to solid or other low loss dielectrics. SRC also offers ruggedized versions that exceed 150 pounds per linear inch. SRC offers 6 different sizes with SMA, 2.9, 2.4, TNC, & N connectors.

Contact the factory for other connector options.
SRC Haverhill semi-rigid cable
The SRC Haverhill range includes DLA-certified, MIL-C-17 semi-rigid coax cable which is on the Qualified Products List. SRC Haverhill semi-rigid coax cable assemblies are used to interconnect test and measurement devices like vector network analyzers (VNA), ground and airborne radar, satellite and terrestrial wireless communications gear, high bandwidth datacomm equipment, medical imaging equipment, for electronic warfare and to connect to microwave antenna waveguides.

As communications bandwidth and imaging resolution increase, higher and higher frequencies and power handling are required. These applications require excellent durability, phase stable performance, low attenuation, high signal fidelity and the ability to handle more power. Semi-rigid coax is ideal for low passive intermod, high temperature, high power applications, and maintains excellent phase stable performance while minimizing VSWR. Semi-rigid is especially significant in tactical environments where high shielding and shock or vibration tolerance is critical.

SRC Haverhill Semi Rigid Coax in 020, 034, 047, 085, 141 and 250 Diameter

SRC Haverhill builds all types and sizes including .020, .034, .047, .085, .141 and .250 diameter cable, optimized for stable electrical qualities. SRC Haverhill products can employ different dielectric materials from solid PTFE at 69.5% VP up to the low loss 83% VP dielectric material.

SRC Haverhill will configure your assembly with the right connectors. SRC Haverhill has bare copper, tin-plated copper and aluminum sheath, which is 30% less weight than copper jacket. In many applications, our semi-rigid coax assemblies require either military Qualified Parts List or very stringent aerospace grade connector terminations. By request, if your application requires, every assembly can be sweep tested to make sure the thousandth unit you buy offers exactly the same electrical properties as your first article.
SRC Haverhill Microwave Absorber material, PolyIron™
Unlike common Salisbury shields or gaskets, PolyIron™ magram absorber works to attenuate EMI by absorbing it, not by reflecting it. This is particularly important in small enclosures, where high frequencies cause cavity resonance—something shields do not really address. In today's densely-packed microwave devices where space is at a premium, PolyIron™ has significant advantages, because typically 0.2mm to 4.5mm thickness of PolyIron™ is all that is required.

SRC Haverhill’s PolyIron™ consists of a 5 to 1 pure iron oxide powder, mixed with various catalysts to form a flexible material that is non-conductive, so you may use it effectively even in the most confined of enclosures, such as a handset or for small spaces surrounding vehicle avoidance radar, or to reduce antenna sidelobe interference.

PolyIron™ was first used for military radar avoidance and stealth applications, but today PolyIron™ is increasingly used in the RF and microwave industry as operating frequencies continue to go up and design options to absorb unwanted microwaves and lower surface currents are harder to achieve. The typical range of frequencies our customers are addressing successfully is between .5 GHz to 40 GHz.

Common commercial applications are for EMI/microwave shielding, eliminating cavity resonance in handsets, for waveguide loads, or to increase security by silencing noisy devices. Designs are limited only by your imagination or the demands of your test, microwave or military application.

What's more, the material is easy to work with. In sheet form, PolyIron™ can be easily cut by hand to fit even the smallest of enclosures. Higher frequencies require lower thickness, so as your test instrumentation or microwave performance grows, you won't suddenly run out of options. The SRC Haverhill proprietary binder formulation exhibits low outgassing, is not susceptible to mold and mildew, and the material can handle demanding temperature and environmental extremes.

Applications for PolyIron™ Microwave Absorber:
Waveguide Loads
EMI RFI Shielding
Eliminate RFID Interference
Absorbing Cavity Resonance
Antenna Side Lobe Attenuation
Vehicle Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Stealth Radar Absorber and Electronic 'Silencing'
Cell Phone and Handset RF EMI Suppression
SRC Haverhill MIL-C-17 coaxial cable assemblies
SRC Haverhill products include drop-in replacement cables for RG and Mil-C-17 specifications. The product range encompasses a variety of off-the-shelf flexible cable assemblies, Qualified Parts List assemblies (QPL), and custom assembly to the customer’s specs.

With a large connector and cable inventory, quick turn assemblies are business-as-usual for many military, wireless communications and microwave OEM customers.

In most cases RG replacement cable assemblies exceed M-C-17 specifications. For instance, the SRC316 and SRC316TS Triple Shield coax assemblies offer 90dB and over 110dB shielding, are twice as flexible and offer 20% lower attenuation for the same price as OEM replacement parts. SRC Haverhill offers high-quality standard coax connectors, precision connectors, and custom solutions from pre-treating the dielectric, sweep testing, additional shields, overmold, special markings, hard-to-find connectors.

Solutions are configured to your choice of connectors. Depending upon the frequency of your application, these cables may be assembled with MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, TNC, N, 3.5mm, SMP, SMPM, 2.9mm (K), 2.4mm and 1.85mm (V) connector options.
SRC Haverhill LMR™ coax cable assemblies
LMR cable is broadband, flexible 50 Ohm RF coax cable designed for wireless communications applications such as LMDS, MMDS, WLL, GPS, LMR, Cellular, PCS and Paging. LMR is used in a variety of situations, including equipment interconnects, cabinet jumpers, base station and antenna jumpers, tower and pole feeder runs and inside buildings-including risers and air-handling plenums.
Options: LMR195, LMR200, LMR240, LMR300, LMR400, LMR500, LMR600, LMR900  >LMR UF UltraFlex - Specify 'UF' for Stranded Center Conductor  
>LMR LLPL Plenum -Specify 'LLPL' and 'FT6' for Air Handling Run; Dropped Ceiling; Raised Floor  
>LMR DB -Specify 'DB' for Waterproofing compound around the foil braid  
>LMR FR -Specify 'FR' for Non-halogen, low smoke, UL/NEC & CSA ratings 'CMR/MPR' and 'FT4'
 >LMR Flexible Coax Connector Options

LMR cable assemblies offer the unique ability to engineer cable terminations to our high level of expertise and nearly thirty years of experience helping wireless communications customers solve their special communications coax needs.

Naturally, insertion loss is critically dependent upon upon the connector style, fabrication and mating assembly procedure, so SRC Haverhill products offer better electrical performance, durability and reliability with soldered termination as well as crimp style connections. Our experts can help you match the excellent flexibility, 90dB shielding and low loss characteristics of LMR to the unique connector for your wireless communication needs.