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In Space, interconnect systems need to perform perfectly in the most challenging environments. Winchester’s solutions for space exploration are precision-engineered to deliver uncompromising performance under extreme conditions including shock, vibration, pressure, moisture and more. 

Winchester’s NASA-STD-8739.4 compliant environments as well our vast experience with specialized processes, space rated materials, and quality testing make us the perfect partner to launch.

Every day, Winchester energizes innovation in Space while supporting legacy systems with proven track records. Winchester Interconnect products deliver on the toughest industry performance requirements with zero compromise in effectiveness or reliability.

Space Launch Vehicles

Winchester’s industry-leading, space-grade technologies allow you to go farther than anyone has ever gone before. 

Satellite Communications

We deliver products that help keep us connected, no matter how far. Our products help support GEO, MEO and LEO satellite applications.

Rocket Engines

Advanced, proven solutions help provide technical superiority across the atmosphere. 

Rover Vehicles

Winchester’s rugged offerings ensure reliable performance, no matter the terrain or environment.

Ground Systems

Our innovative engineering supports cuttingedge ground systems to stay more connected than ever before. 

Test and Measurement

Winchester produces technology that supports space science and helps answer some of life’s biggest questions. 

Hermetic Connectors

RF Cable Assembly

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