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Being the Leader in Space

A distinguished flight heritage makes Winchester Interconnect stand at the forefront of the space industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) telecommunication constellations, Earth observation (EO) platforms, and deep space missions. 

Winchester specializes in manufacturing main bus harnesses, the lifelines of space systems, ensuring seamless integration and flawless performance in the most demanding environments. Our hermetic connectors, engineered for applications that demand the utmost reliability, exemplify our dedication to precision and durability.

Navigating the complexities of space exploration requires expertise, and Winchester’s extensive portfolio of RF technology is tailored to meet the diverse needs of space applications. Winchester’s micro miniature products play a crucial role in supporting Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, offering small form factor and highly reliable connection systems, ensuring seamless communication in the challenging space environment.  Whether you’re integrating communication constellations, powering Earth observation platforms, or embarking on ambitious deep space missions, Winchester Interconnects empowers your vision with robust and high-performance solutions.

Partner with us, and elevate your space endeavors with Winchester’s legacy of excellence, where innovation meets reliability, and connectivity reaches new heights. Trust Winchester Interconnects for the connectivity solutions that define the future of space exploration.

Winchester Interconnect, empowering your mission, empowering the future.

Every day, Winchester energizes innovation in Space while supporting legacy systems with proven track records. Winchester Interconnect products deliver on the toughest industry performance requirements with zero compromise in effectiveness or reliability.

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Image of single engine rocket taking off into space

Space Launch Vehicles

Winchester’s space grade, complex harness capabilities reliably enable launch missions into the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

Image of satellite floating through Earth's orbit

Satellite Communications

We deliver products that help keep us connected, no matter how far. Our products help support GEO, MEO and LEO satellite applications.

Rocket engines, including single and multiple propulsion engines

Rocket Engines

Winchester’s interconnect solutions perform in the harshest environments at the most extreme temperatures.

Space Rover Vehicle 2

Rover Vehicles

Winchester’s rugged offerings ensure reliable performance, no matter the terrain or environment.

View of GPS, including Inertial Navigation and Measurement by Winchester Interconnect

Ground Systems

Our innovative engineering supports cuttingedge ground systems to stay more connected than ever before. 

Harness design for space

Test and Measurement

Winchester produces technology that supports space science and helps answer some of life’s biggest questions. 

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Overhead view of earth with satellite floating in orbit, with interconnected lines covering the earth's sphere

Achieving LEO Satellite Reliability with Winchester’s EMI Mitigation Solution