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Winchester Interconnect manufactures standard and custom connectors, cables and interconnect solutions across the RF frequency and power spectrums. Our products range from DC to 110 GHz and milliwatts to kilowatts.

Winchester Interconnect offers standard RF connectors like SMA, SMP, TNC & Triax connectors as well as custom connectors and assembly configurations.

Winchester draws from the technical expertise of high quality, reliable RF brands like TRU-Win®, Dynawave, and KINGS-Win®. 

Winchester’s superior design and construction offer some of the broadest frequency, highest-power, lowest-loss, most phase/amplitude-stable, and highest-flexibility products on the market.

Looking for a specific part? Check out the Tools & Accessories product listing here.

If you have a specific cable product you’re interested in, check our distributor inventory to find out if its in stock. You’ll just need the part number to get started.

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