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Custom Hermetic Sealing

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Hermetic Sealing

Hermetic Seal Advantage

A hermetic seal is more than air tight and is designed to keep any damaging particles from infecting the outside environment or the function of electronic equipment. This hermetic sealing can last up to 20 years, whereas an epoxy can become defective in less than 2 years.

Winchester offers both glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal sealing solutions.

Explosion bonded thermal battery hermetic headers by Winchester Interconnect

Ceramax Ceramic Seal

Ceramax is a patented phase changing compound that provides superior hermetic reliability and outstanding electrical performance with an operational temperature range of -269C to +450C.

Effective for products with an electrical performance that is less than 2 GHz and vacuum applications. 

Ceramax seals are compatible with high expansion metal alloys giving Winchester the ability to seal copper alloy contacts into connector shell materials not possible with competing technologies.

Aluminum, titanium and high expansion stainless steel alloys are just a few of the shell materials available.

Oxide Free Glass Seal

Winchester’s oxide free glass seal eliminates the need for pre-oxidizing of the metal components prior to glass sealing. This lack of heavy oxide interface between glass and metal allows for:

  • Increased pressure withstanding
  • Higher levels of hermeticity
  • Repeatable, reliable processing
  • Eliminates the need for post oxide removal leaving the glass and metal clean, free of etching residue
Hermetically Sealed Connectors and Feedthroughs by Winchester Interconnect
Hermetic RF Feedthroughs semi rigid by Winchester Interconnect