Consistent quality in a changing industry

The semiconductor industry is evolving rapidly. To maintain the pace of innovation, companies must invest in advanced manufacturing and test equipment.

Winchester Interconnect designs and builds the interconnect products that support critical innovation in the semiconductor industry. As a market leader in this field, Winchester helps power tomorrow’s most sensitive and technologically-advanced processing systems.

Drawing on a team of experts, and a global network of world-class manufacturing facilities, Winchester offers a wide range of standard and application-specific products. Whether in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, test equipment, or RF and high-power applications, our expertise is unmatched.

For challenging applications, Winchester’s experts are ready to create specific design solutions. Our application engineering team is available to answer technical questions and collaborate with customers.

Products include, but are not limited to, high power RF solutions, complex wire harnesses, LF/RF cable assemblies and semi-rigid assemblies. Quality and reliability are vital to semiconductor equipment, and Winchester can support reliable performance by providing control and power wiring for manufacturing and test equipment.

Winchester offers an extensive line of flexible RF cable assemblies and connector solutions for applications that require RF high power/voltage capability. A long history in high-power design has made Winchester a premier supplier in high-power markets, including for critical safety applications.

Semiconductor Products

With a broad selection of straight and right angle connector configurations and interface options, and an extensive range of cable choices, Winchester makes it simple to specify the optimal assembly for any application.

Cable Solutions for Semiconductor Products

Winchester Interconnect’ cables are designed to maximize power capability and reliability.

Our unique TRUtieTM cable termination method provides superior mechanical retention capabilities to eliminate the cable junction as a point of mechanical failure.

Similarly, our innovative Quick Connect/Disconnect interfaces: TRU-SQS®, TRU-QRMTM and TRU-QDS®, provide efficient and repeatable high power solutions without the need for added hand tools to securely mate. Threaded and flange mount configurations are also available.

RF Connector Interfaces

Winchester offers a large selection of RF connector interfaces, which are ideal for I/O interconnects, including:


  • BNC
  • TNC
  • DIN 1.0/2.3
  • N
  • SQS
  • QRM
  • QDS
  • SMA
  • BMA
  • MCX
  • MMCX
  • LC
  • 7-16
  • HN

In addition, Winchester offers MHV, SHV, 10KV and 20KV high voltage connectors.  

Other Semiconductor Products

  • Rack & Panel products for use on internal wiring harnesses connect subsystems or as an I/O connector to externally connect equipment.  
  • Combination D-Sub connectors allow designers to mix signal, power and RF in standard D-Sub arrangements.  

Winchester’s unique wire-to-board power terminals include PowerSnap and C-Press 121 Series Press-Fit Power Terminals.