Winchester’s VN-PC Ethernet, copper and/or fiber cable assemblies are the digital backbone of all modern rail cars. This series supports on-board WiFi, digital video content, digital monitoring systems, and audio capability.




Our VN-PC interconnect products can be found within each passenger railcar as well as mounted on the exterior of the train.

Mechanical Features
Circular bayonet connector
Bayonet locking mechanism for quick coupling
Accommodates a variety of signal types:

  • Power
  • Signal
  • Ethernet
  • Fiber Optic

RG 59 Video Signal
IP67 when mated
RoHS compliant
Connector insert is available in:

  • 7 module cavity (shell size 48)
  • 4 module cavity (shell size 40)

Connector Shell
Varnish: epoxy-polyurethane
Base Material: aluminum alloy
Bayonet ring: coated in ethylene acrylate & UL94V0 compliant

Module Insert
Insert Material: Ethylene acrylate
Insert operating temperature: -55C to 125C
UL94 V0

Module Support
Module Material: Thermoplastic
Operating Temperature: -40C to 130C

For additional technical information, please refer to our VN-PC Series Catalog.

Read our Case Study to find out how we helped provide on-board passenger WiFi with our Ethernet cable solution.