Product Cross Reference Tools

Do you have a part number from a different company? Identify a comparable Winchester part number with this cross-reference tool.

  • Search by Connector and find matching Crimp Dies
  • Search by Crimp Die and find matching Connectors

Find the coaxial cables that complement our connectors.

Search by Cable Part Number to generate a list of Connectors that are the best solution…OR, you can enter the part number to view what cable or cables the connector was designed to fit.

The Connector to Cable Cross-Reference will provide you with information on both:

  • Military Specified Cables (ex. RG-405/U)
  • Commercial Manufacturers Cables (ex: Belden 8281)

Use this powerful cross-reference search to identify the connectors that are qualified to MIL-PRF-39012, MIL-C-49142, and MIL-C-55339 categories. Find results by:

  • Winchester Part Number
  • Military Part Number
  • National Stock Number