Rail Mass Transit

Making connections for rail passengers worldwide

Delivering passengers safely and on time

Technology changes, but rail mass transit’s mission remains the same: carry passengers in safety and comfort, while consistently meeting operational standards.

Winchester Interconnect has over 100 years’ experience developing interconnect solutions for transit agencies, locomotive manufacturers, rail car manufacturers and freight companies. For applications where our products affect the safety of train crews and passengers, Winchester’s experienced engineers design products that withstand vibration, wet conditions and rough handling.

In rail mass transit, Winchester’s mission remains the same as it was a century ago: get passengers to their destination, on time, with the utmost commitment to safety.

The wireless challenge

Over the last decade, rail companies have faced a new challenge: explosive growth in the demand for wireless services.

Wireless technology has created new solutions in rail transportation, from remote monitoring of locomotive engine performance, to high-speed internet for always-connected passengers. However, those innovations come with new technical challenges.

Winchester continues to develop new products and solutions to help rail companies meet the wireless challenge. From hybrid fiber-copper cables and Ethernet cable assemblies, leading rail companies trust Winchester to meet their wireless communication and monitoring needs.

Rail Mass Transit Products

Locomotive Power Interconnect Products

Winchester’s power interconnect products are heavily used on commuter rail cars and freight locomotives.

Winchester provides power solutions to operate various onboard rail car equipment for passenger comfort and safety in the following areas of the train:

  • Lighting
  • Door operation
  • Intercom system
  • Water heaters
  • Heating ventilation air conditioning system

Many of Winchester’s power solutions are manufactured to conform to AAR and APTA RP-E specifications.

Locomotive Control Interconnect Products

Winchester’s locomotive interconnect solutions distribute critical control signals—including braking, throttle, forward, and reverse signals— from the engine cab throughout the entire train.

Product Customization & Innovation

Partnering with customers, Winchester’s rail experts are constantly customizing products and developing new solutions, from prototype development through to final delivery.

Winchester’s global manufacturing footprint allows us to serve our customers anywhere in the world from advanced, ISO 9001-2008 certified facilities. Winchester offers a wide range of products meeting APTA and AMTRAK standards, as well as the latest IBIS specifications.


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