Xtreme Undersea Cables

Winchester has created a unique line of high performance specialty cables designed for many applications in extreme environments.

Xtreme-Green® Video Inspection Cable

Xtreme-Green® Video Inspection Cable is designed to deliver superior flexibility in extreme environments. They feature a uniquely-formulated polyurethane or Hytrel for good flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance and better tractor control with extremely low-coefficient of friction.

Xtreme-Net® Deep Water Ethernet

The Xtreme-Net® underwater video cable is designed for use in deep-water with pressure up to 10,000 PSI. These uniquely-designed underwater video cables can maintain high-speed Ethernet data transmission under extreme pressure in bottom-laid applications. Xtreme-Net® cables have been tested and validated to meet industry Ethernet standard TIA/EIA-568B, with less than 2% change in values as tested to 6,000 PSI. They achieve data rates of 100Mbps Fast Ethernet, 270Mbps Digital video and up to 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet with length limitations

Xtreme-Cat® 5e: Shallow water Ethernet

Designed for a more economical shallow water Ethernet application such as port Security, oceanographic and ocean observation instruments, OOI, submersible data transmission for water themed entertainment and extreme weather protection.

These Data Network/Power Composite Cables are extremely rugged yet flexible, with water-blocked construction. Designed for underwater use with high-speed network data, video, and sensor equipment, these cables are suitable for bottom-laid, vertical deployment and ROV applications. Our Xtreme-Cat® 5e 4 pair stranded conductors meet or exceed TIA 568-B. This underwater video cable features Winchester’s specially formulated “Xtreme-grade” flexible polyurethane jacket for easier payout, tighter bends, and better tractor control with extremely low coefficient of friction.

Xtreme-Marine™ Video Cable

This sub-sea video cable design is ideal for deep water to 7km depths. Ruggedized design with full water blocked construction, improved strength member and the Subsea industry-preferred choice of Winchester’s “Xtreme-Grade” Polyurethane jackets. Xtreme-Marine® Video cables are designed with precision coaxial components for use with SD/HD video.

Xtreme-Light® Fiber

Xtreme-Light® fiber is tough, with a unique, high modulus coating for better survivability in harsh environments. Xtreme-Light® cable designs are solid, compression resistant constructions withstanding hydrostatic pressures at depths to 10 Km.

• SIMPLEX DESIGNS: Flexible fiber tether with high modulus coated fiber, synthetic strength member and Xtreme-grade polyurethane jacket.
• MULTI-FIBER DESIGNS: Compact designs with semi-rigid center strength core, water-blocked interstices and Xtreme grade.