Tools and Accessories

Part #DescriptionMil PNMax FrequencyPower Level
BD11009Crimp Tool for Mini 59
BD11007Crimp Tool for Rg59-62-58
BD11005Crimp Tool for 8281, 1694 CableS
BD10410Crimp Tool for Satconn Twin
BD10100Crimp Tool for RG59, RG6 F Connector
BD07034C & 6C Modular Crimp Tool
BD05588C Prof Crimp Tool All Metal
ADPTWWrench for Adaptor Kits (Per 2)
BD21092Modular Crimper DEC,MMJ
BD20405Non Rachet Crimper RG59,58,6
BD18000Installation Tool for 1861V Series
BD1790012 Point Crimp .042 Pin
BD12007Replacement Die for Bd11007
BD12005Replacement Die for Bd11005
BD11150Crimper for SBC/HBC1505/1694
BD11021Crimp Tool For RG 174 & Mini C
BD11017SBC1694A & SBC1695A
BD11015Crimper for 1164A
BD11014Crimper for 1855A
BD11013Crimper for BNC/TNC, RG6, RG58
BD11012ACrimp for N, RG213, RG315, SBC7731A
BD11012Crimper for N, RG11, RG213, RG216
BD44008UBNC Removal Tool - 8 Inch, Unmarked
BD44008BNC Removal Tool - 8 Inch
BD36400TTool Body for BD36400
BD36400LWLabel (White) for BD36400
BD36400LGLabel Gold fo BD36400
BD36400LCLabel (Clear) for BD36400
BD36400FFoam Insert for BD36400
BD36400BBox for BD36400 Tool
BD36400Hex Shaft Wrench for 364KNT
BD36100Hex Shaft Wrench for 361KNT
BD21095Modular Crimper RJ50,10C
BDKC6000Compression Tool for KCC Series
BDK12005Dieset for KTH1000 HBC1855A+1505A
BDHHD300BNC High Density Removal Tool
BDHD200Crimp Tool for SBC- HBC1505 & 1855A
BDHD1794ACrimp Tool for BDHD1794A
BDHD100Crimp Tool for SBC-HBC1505 & 1694A
BDDHD200Die Set Only for BDHD200
BDDHD100Coax Die Set for BDHD100
BDD21095RMOD Crimp Die for RJ50, 10C
BDD12016SBC1695A Die Set
BD45000BL2 Pk. Replacement Blade for BD45000
BD45000Crimp Tool for EZ-RJ45 & EZ-RJ12
HT-H116PCrimping Tool for SPX44960
KTH-2317Removal Tool w/ Swabs and HSG
KTH-2325Crimp Die
KTH-2327Guide Pin Insertion Tool
KTH-2336Fusion Splice Connector Installation Kit
KTH-2344AFL Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit
KTH-5000Hand Crimp Tool
KTH-5001Crimp Die
KTH-5003Crimp Die
KTH-5005Crimp Die
KTH-5006Crimp Die
KTH-5007Crimp Die
KTH-5008Crimp Die
KTH-5009Crimp Die
KTH-8000Low-Profile Crimp Tool
KTH-8001Crimp Die
KTH-8002Crimp Die
KTH-9000Hand Flare Tool
KTM-5000Pneumatic Crimp Tool
KTW-13Mini Digital Jack Hand Installation/Extraction Tool
KTW-14Low-Profile BNC Installation/Removal Tool
KTW-15Tri-Loc¨ Release Tool
KTH-2287Crimp Die
KTH-2288Crimp Die
KTH-2289Crimp Die
KTH-2289 QDCrimp Die
KTH-2290Crimp Die
KTH-2290 QDCrimp Die
KTH-2291Crimp Die
KTH-2292Crimp Die
KTH-2294Crimp Die
KTH-2300Hand Crimp Tool Assembly
KTH-2312-01Curing Fixture
KTH-2231Crimp Die
KTH-2232Crimp Die
KTH-2242Crimp Die
KTH-2244Crimp Die
KTH-2248Crimp Die
KTH-2251Crimp Die
KTH-2252Crimp Die
KTH-2255Crimp Die
KTH-2258Crimp Die
KTH-2259Crimp Die
KTH-2260Crimp Die
KTH-2261Crimp Die
KTH-2265Crimp Die
KTH-2266Crimp Die
KTH-2267Crimp Die
KTH-2270Crimp Die
KTH-2271Crimp Die
KTH-2276Crimp Die
KTH-2277Crimp Die
KTH-2279Crimp Die
KTH-2281Crimp Die
KTH-2282Crimp Die
KTH-2283Crimp Die
KTH-2284Crimp Die
KTH-2285Crimp Die
KTH-2286Crimp Die
KTH-2119Crimp Die
KTH-2120Crimp Die
KTH-2127Crimp Die
KTH-2135Crimp Die
KTH-2138Crimp Die
KTH-2140Crimp Die
KTH-2161Crimp Die
KTH-2164Crimp Die
KTH-2168Crimp Die
KTH-2173Crimp Die
KTH-2175Crimp Die
KTH-2177Crimp Die
KTH-2179Crimp Die
KTH-2180Crimp Die
KTH-2184Crimp Die
KTH-2185Crimp Die
KTH-2186Crimp Die
KTH-2187Crimp Die
KTH-2188Crimp Die
KTH-2204Crimp Die
KTH-2207Crimp Die
KTH-2208Crimp Die
KTH-2211Crimp Die
KTH-2212Crimp Die
KTH-2213Crimp Die
KTH-2214Crimp Die
KTH-2216Crimp Die
KTH-2223Crimp Die
KTH-2229Crimp Die
KTH-2011Crimp Die
KTH-2012Crimp Die
KTH-2021Crimp Die
KTH-2023Crimp Die
KTH-2024Crimp Die
KTH-2025Crimp Die
KTH-2026Crimp Die
KTH-2027Crimp Die
KTH-2029Crimp Die
KTH-2030Crimp Die
KTH-2032Crimp Die
KTH-2035Crimp Die
KTH-2037Crimp Die
KTH-2040Crimp Die
KTH-2041Crimp Die
KTH-2042Crimp Die
KTH-2043Crimp Die
KTH-2061Crimp Die
KTH-2062Crimp Die
KTH-2064Crimp Die
KTH-2067Crimp Die
KTH-2071Crimp Die
KTH-2079Crimp Die
KTH-2081Crimp Die
KTH-2082Crimp Die
KTH-2087Crimp Die
KTH-2101Crimp Die
KTH-2105Crimp Die
KTH-2113Crimp Die
KTH-2116Crimp Die
KTH-2118Crimp Die
KTH-1000Hand Crimp Tool
KTH-1077Crimp Die
KTH-1078Crimp Die
KTH-1079Crimp Die
KTH-1096 M50Die Blank Casting
KTH-1097-1 M00Crimp Die Blank
KTH-2001Crimp Die
KTH-2002Crimp Die
KTH-2003Crimp Die
KTH-2004Crimp Die
KTH-2005Crimp Die
KTH-2006Crimp Die
KTH-2007Crimp Die
KTH-2008Crimp Die
KTH-2010Crimp Die
1071007Contact Removal Tool
1071011Contact Insertion Tool
1071012Contact Removal Tool
1071015Contact Insertion Tool
1071016Contact Removal Tool
1071026Spring Loaded Contact Removal Tool
1071048Roll Pin Insertion Tool
1071049Roll Pin Insertion Tool
107K4Tool Kit Assembly
107R1001Spring Loaded Contact Removal Tool
1070215Spring Loaded Contact Insertion and Removal Tool
1070611Positioner, Crimping Tool
1070617Positioner, For use with Crimping Tool 107-0616
1070625Adjustable Miniature Crimping Tool
1070626Locator for 107-0625 Tool
1070627Locator for 107-0625 Tool
1070628Locator for 107-0625 Tool
1070701Assembly Tool
10707033/16 Hex Wrench
10707083/16 Hex Wrench
10709032AHand Crimping Tool
1070937Locator for 107-0903-2
1070938Locator for 107-0903-2
1070945Locator for 107-0903-2
1070946Locator - Socket Contact
1070947Locator - Pin Contact
1070961Bench Mounted Pneumatic Crimping Tool Assembly
1070970Slide Strap / Pawl Assemblies MS-3191 Crimping Tool
1070976Positioner for MS-3191-2
1070977Positioner for MS-3191-2
1070981Positioner for MS-3191-2
1071001Contact Removal Tool
1071005Contact Removal Tool