Ruggedized Oil & Gas Cable Assembly

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Cables

Source Technology rugged MWD cables are designed to perform under harsh oilfield conditions. Our cables transmit signals that are critical to the operations of a drilling rig.

Winchester MWD Cables feature:

  • Aluminum foil shielding and/or twisted pairs for EMI noise reduction
  • Polyurethane cable jackets with high flexibility
  • Resistance to oils, fuels, cuts, flames and UV
  • Injection overmolded connectors for superior strength and environmental sealing
  • UL Vertical Flame Test type VW-1 Certification
  • Canadian CSA Flame Test type FT-1 Certification
  • UL Agency Cable Style AWM 20233
  • UL Rated voltage (300V)
  • Maximum temperature rating 80 deg C

Our MWD (Measurement While Drilling) cable assemblies feature a flame-retardant polyurethane jacket that is resistant to oils, fuels, cuts and UV damage and include polyurethane overmolded connectors for additional strength and environmental sealing. Our design team can integrate other cable types that are not typically used.

Other Oil and Gas Cable Assembly Solutions:

  • Cadillac-Win EP Series
  • Cadillac-Win CN Series