Undersea & Marine Cable ROV Tether and Umbilicals

ROV Tether and Umbilical Cables

Our team of cable designers work closely with our customers and their application requirements to provide the most reliable cable solutions for today’s high performance ROVs used in Oil and gas exploration and production, defense, oceanographic and a host of marine applications. Our cable designs are created for optimizing the mechanical, electrical and optical performance in demanding subsea projects. Our ROV cables are trusted and preferred worldwide for high quality and reliability.

  • Lightweight, Long-length, Free-swimming Tethers for Excursion
  • Rugged Deck Cables
  • ROV Mounted Cables for Video, Instrumentation, Control and Power
  • Heavy Lift Steel Umbilicals up to 180,000 lbs BS
  • Lightweight and Heavy Tethers for Tether Management Systems (TMS) to 80,000 lbs BS
  • Neutrally Buoyant Excursion Tethers for TMS and LARS

Custom Tether and Umbilical Capabilities

  • Optical fibers in stainless steel tubes from 1-24 fibers, single-mode, multi-mode, mix-modes and custom specific fibers.
  • Optical fibers in Simplex or Xtreme-Light® constructions. Durable Xtreme-Light® from 1x to 6x fiber constructions.
  • Data signals requiring Ethernet Cat5e and Cat6 signal pairs, RS-232, RS-485, analog, coaxial or shielded components.
  • Power conductors from 300V to 4.5 kv, carefully selected insulations specific to the application.
    The Elastomer based user-friendly and flexible water block compounds offer lightweight, salt, and oil-resistant properties. Full encapsulating designs ensure consistent cable performance at extreme ocean depths and to prevent high pressure impacting the electrical characteristics of the cable. •
  • Strength layers of Synthetic fibers including Kevlar®, Twaron®, Vectran and Dynema. Each strength attribute is carefully selected and configured to account for the specific application and to optimize the mechanical performance. Other design factors considered are the handing system, bend radius, drive mechanism, duty cycles, sea location, and conditions.
  • Jacketing compounds are also specific to each application. We carefully specify each thermoplastic compound and process to best meet intended end-use, Polyurethane, Xtreme-Grade Polyurethane, Hytrel, PE, HDPE, Lightweight TPE, TPV, and foam PE or Foam PUR for flotation layers. Sectional extruded floatation layers are also off ered.
  • Steel armor constructions of double or triple layer, torque- balance constructions using Galvanized Improved Plough Steel (GIPS), Extra improved “GEIPS”, Stainless Steel, Nitronic 50 and other alloys for lift umbilical.