RF & Microwave Cable Assembly

Winchester draws from the technical expertise of high quality, reliable RF brands like TRU-Win®, Win, and KINGS-Win®. Whether your application calls for durability, low loss, phase stability, high power, reliability, performance — or combinations of these — Winchester’s formidable lineup of RF Microwave flexible, conformable, and semi-rigid cable solutions can address your most challenging requirements.

Operating Frequency

Through superior design and manufacturing techniques, we offer some of the broadest-frequency, highest-power, lowest-loss, most phase/amplitude-stable, and highest-flexibility products on the market. Winchester cable means quality across the broadest spectrum of power and frequency—from 50 kilowatts to 110 GHz. Durable, lightweight, low loss, high-frequency, phase-stable, small-signal, and high-power cables can all be engineered for your specific applications.

RF Cable Configurator

Use our RF cable assembly builder to design an RF cable from a variety of connectors and cable types. Our experts are always available to answer any of your technical or design-related questions, and to work with your own design team.