Winchester Interconnect’s ruggedized Circular Connectors include trainline connectors that serve both freight and passenger rail, as well as connectors suitable for both non-hazardous and hazardous environments, such as marine oil and gas.

With many accessories to choose from and available in solder, crimp, and pressure termination, the Cadillac-Win CN and EP Series connectors can be built for different mounting requirements and suit wire sizes #18 AWG to 4/0 AWG. Available in hazardous (ATEX/IECEx, Zone 1-IIC) and environmental (UL, CSA and CE certified) versions. Both versions are rated IP68 when mated.


Cadillac-Win® Brand EP Series is ATEX/IECEx certified for use in hazardous environments.

Classified facilities such as petrochemical refineries, land, and offshore drilling systems are just a few of the applications for this product series. The EP Series can be purchased as a standalone connector or with cable. Typical cable options are:

  • Unarmored
  • Armored and sheathed
  • Armored and sheathed with reduced bore

For additional technical information, please refer to our EP Series Catalog.


Cadillac-Win® Brand threaded CN Series is UL & CSA certified, meeting the electrical performance requirements of Mil-C-5015.

Used in process and control for nonhazardous locations, as well as in rail mass transit, the CN Series can be purchased as a standalone connector or with unarmored cable.

For additional technical information, please refer to our CN Series Catalog.

480V Head End Power Trainline

Cadillac-Win® brand of 480V jumpers and receptacles provide head end power (HEP) to locomotive hauled passenger rail cars.

Our jumpers feature integrally molded plugs and receptacles that protect the contacts from condensation, dust and debris, and can also use power from a power car or wayside ground based source.

The receptacle skirt features a patented, integrally molded, expandable stabilizer to eliminate insertion problems often encountered in connectors with glued support rings. This design reinforces the front of the connector head.

27 Point Series Jumper Cables

Cadillac-Win® brand of 27 Point Series jumper cables and receptacles provides a flexible electrical connection between two cars and/or locomotives.

27 Point (COMM) jumpers and receptacles convey car control and communication signals throughout the train such as:

  • Door controls
  • Public address
  • Brake applied/released indications

27 Point Multiple Unit (MU) jumpers and receptacles carry traction and dynamic brake commands and can be found between:

  • Locomotives coupled together
  • Cab car and locomotive
  • Locomotives or power cars placed at opposite ends of the train

In order to tolerate extreme weather conditions as well as flying rocks and debris, we use EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) for our cable material as it offers great flexibility, durability, and resistance to moisture.

The design and construction of the 27 Point Series product also holds up to frequent connecting and disconnecting, and rough handling.

All Cadillac-Win® 27 Point Series connectors conform to all industry specifications including Amtrak, AAR, and APTA

MOG Single Pole Series

For use in non-hazardous and hazardous environments that require ATEX/IECEx certification (Zone 1, Gas IIC, Dust 21). This series features a threaded coupling nut for mating that’s ideal for high vibration environments.