Multi Conductor Cable Assembly

Round Cable

Multi-conductor round cable is made up of two or more conductors in a single jacket. Most applications utilize a foil or braided shield for EMI. Multi-conductors allow a limitless variety of gauges, conductor counts, wire and jacket colors, materials, and interconnect configurations.

Multi-conductor cables are primarily used for data transfer and low-power applications. Winchester designs cables with extreme flex life and durability.

Flat Ribbon Cables

Flat Cables or Ribbon Cables, utilize Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) and are primarily used inside a device or system. They typically carry signal and low power from one printed circuit board to another, with one of their key features being that they save space.

Although flat cables function like a round cable in many of their applications, they require much less headroom, making internal wiring more convenient and less costly. Flat cables are not generally used externally because of their fragile nature.