Fiber Optics M28876

M28876 Fiber Optic Connector

Delphi™ branded Shipboard / MIL- PRF-28876 fiber optic connectors feature low optical insertion loss, repeatability, exceptional strain relief, and reliability in harsh environments. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equivalents are available that maintain key performance factors of the Mil-Spec versions.

Also available in copper (M28840). Winchester can help you with cable assemblies that utilize the M28840 and M28876 connectors.

Mil-Spec Approved Versions

  • M28876/27
  • M28876/15
  • M28876/14
  • M28876/13
  • M28876/12
  • M28876/11
  • M28876/10 (BC, BD, and BE)
  • M28876/10 (CC, CD, and CE)
  • M28876/10 (FC, FD, FE)
  • M28876/9
  • M28876/8
  • M28876/7
  • M28876/6
  • M28876/5
  • M28876/4
  • M28876/3
  • M28876/2
  • M28876/1