Hermetic Enclosures

Winchester designs builds and ships integrated hermetic microwave packaging, cover assemblies using microwave absorber (PolyIron) and Hydrogen Getter, RF Feedthroughs, multi-pin connector designs, IR (infrared) packages and more. With innovative RF & Microwave connector and cable solutions, Winchester can help with your most challenging application.

Hermetic Microwave Packaging

We have years of experience providing cost-effective turn-key hermetic products. We work in all standard materials such as stainless steel, ferrous alloys, titanium and aluminum, but also have extensive experience working with metal/ceramic composite materials. The depth of our packaging technology enables us to provide our customers a full range of materials and processes necessary for optimum chassis configuration.

Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)

We can help design and build your next hermetic IMA housing.  By joining dissimilar metals via explosion bonding, vacuum brazing, and diffusion bonding technologies and integrating laser welded connectors and RF feedthroughs, we will help you solve your most difficult application challenge.