DFOCA / M83526

DFOCA M83527 Fiber Optic Connector

Delphi™ Fiber Optic Cable Assembly (DFOCA) Connectors are next-generation hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors engineered for harsh environments and military tactical applications. DFOCA Connectors are high performance, high quality connectors built in accordance to military specifications MIL-PRF-83526 and MIL-PRF-29504/16. These second generation connectors with genderless termini replace an original biconical termini design. This cable assembly is first-to-market with advanced design features that help simplify assembly and repair in the field, where time is critical. DFOCA Connectors feature an innovative internal subassembly that provides several advantages, including, reduced assembly complexity, fewer subcomponents, and quicker access to termini.

M83526 Features

  • Designed and built to MIL-PRF-83526
  • Genderless connection
  • Singlemode and multimode
  • Removable endface
  • Reduced assembly complexity
  • Innovative one-piece insertion/removal tool

M83526 Specifications

  • Optical insertion loss:
    -9/125 SM fiber: 0.25 dB avg.
    -62.5/125 MM fiber: 0.6 dB avg.
  • Operating temp: -46°C to +71°C
  • Mating durability: 2000 cycles
  • Crush resistance: 450 lbs.