Cable Coil Cords

Winchester designs and manufactures coil cords and coil cord assemblies to the most stringent reliability and performance specifications. For more than 50 years, Winchester coil cords have provided dependable service in diverse military, medical, industrial, portable power and lighting applications.

Standard and Custom Coil Cords

Between our standard and custom products, Winchester offers coil cord options for every application. Among the options:

  • Ruggedized materials, such as flex-resistant PVC and polyurethane formulations.
  • Effective shielding, including foil, spiral and reverse spiral constructions.
  • Performance specifications, including retractability, pull force, flex life, chemical resistance and operating temperature.
  • Wide size range, from wrist-worn coil cords for static control to thick retractable cords for industrial or military machines.
  • Connectorized coil cord assemblies, both mechanical and overmolded designs.

Advanced Coil Cord Design and Testing Capabilities

Get coil cord design help from Winchester. Contact our experienced engineering team with your most difficult design challenges.

Winchester maintains an in-house test lab that can evaluate coil cord performance characteristics—including flex life, retractability and pull strength. And if you need a custom test for your coil cord, we can help develop one.

Electrical Testing Capabilities
  • Hi-Pot
  • V/Time
  • Spark
  • DCR
  • Impedance
  • Category
  • Capacitance
  • Attenuation
  • Eye Pattern
  • Cirrus Test
Mechanical Testing Capabilities
  • IP- 66/67/68
  • Pull Test
  • C-Track Flex
  • Tic Toc
  • Coil extension
  • Torsion