Bulk Wire and Cable

Standard Cables

Winchester Interconnect offers a broad line of bulk wire and cables with UL and CSA certifications as well as RoHS compliance. Whether your applications require 1 million flex cycles or 20 million, Winchester has the right cable for the job, including:

  • Standard flex cables for applications with 1 million flex cycles.
  • Cables for applications requiring up to 10 million flex cycles.
  • Premium flex cables for applications requiring up to 20 million flex
  • VFD cables designed specifically for long life in variable frequency drive applications
  • Control and signal cables for the full range of servo-motor, feedback, encoder and braking applications

For Your Market

A wide variety of markets benefit from Winchester Cable. Industrial applications. Medical devices. Defense, and public safety. Robotics. Data collection. Data communications and telecommunications. The giants of these industries, as well as the not-so-giants, turn to Winchester Interconnect for the solutions to their most daunting cable challenges. To some degree, all these industries face the following cable challenges:

  • designing solutions to exacting specifications and requirements
  • dealing with specialty materials, polyamide, and medical-grade compounds
  • the need for severe-duty cables
  • developing high-speed data and video transmission cables
  • resisting chemicals and abrasion
  • insulating against electrical interference and noise emissions
  • low-smoke emission
  • resisting heat and flame
  • dealing with various conductor types, coatings, coating methods and constructions
  • color coding
  • dealing with various insulation materials
  • complying with REACH and RoHS requirements
      Of course, our obsession with cable solutions means we are intimately familiar with the special challenges that each of these industries face, beyond those mentioned above. It’s that kind of deep experience that helps us design the perfect solution for any cable or coil cord challenge. Here’s a quick overview of the types of issues we handle for various industries.