How to maximize RF Cable assembly performance


Winchester talks to countless engineers about getting semi-rigid cable assemblies with the lowest possible loss.  As frequencies continue to be pushed higher and higher and system design margins are thinner and thinner, the need for RF cable assemblies with the lowest possible loss has never been greater. Winchester utilizes a strategy of ensuring each element of our low loss cable assemblies is examined to assure optimal performance. 

Winchester starts with cable selection.  There are lots of options for cable type available; selecting the right low loss cable is critical, particularly when cable length becomes significant.  Cable construction and material must also be considered when the temperature range could cause phase shifts.

Next is connector selection.  Ideally, connectors are matched to the cable to make the transition as close to 50 ohms as possible to improve VSWR. Winchester prefers to select connectors that are specifically designed for the semi-rigid cable we manufacture, assuring optimal performance.  

Lastly we focus on the assembly process itself.  Critical to any high performing semi-rigid cable assembly is the equipment used to manufacture the assembly.  Highly skilled technicians, trained to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards, aren’t enough to ensure a production process that produces repeatable results, guaranteed.  Modern equipment, like CNC programmable benders, coupled with skilled labor, assure optimum electrical performance that is repeatable.

By starting with the right ingredients and using the best available manufacturing technology, you can get a semi-rigid cable assembly that meets your performance requirements and gets you to market quickly.

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