High Performance Non-Magnetic Connectors

WEC_KINGS Brand LogosWhen failure is not an option, use of non-magnetic materials within medical devices or systems is the optimal solution for avoiding problems that can arise due to the presence of magnetic materials.

Winchester Interconnect offers a wide range of connectors, including non-magnetic RF, Power, and Combination D-Sub connectors suited for medical equipment applications, such as MRI, imaging, and monitoring equipment, among others. The combination of signal, power, contacts, sizes, and shapes creates the ability to mix and match for a unique connector solution.

Non-Magnetic Medical ConnectorsThese non-magnetic connectors are small and lightweight with bodies made from durable brass (gold or nickel plated) or copper alloy, depending on the application. They meet strict Medical specification standards, including electrical, mechanical, and environmental. Each connector is manufactured to the highest production and quality system criteria, assuring the consistent delivery of a high-reliable product to our customers.

Continuing advances in medical equipment have created the need for non-magnetic connectors that can be placed in or near the device. As Winchester Interconnect has a priority focus on medical interconnect technology, we are confident we can help with your custom design for any application where the requirements cannot be met by off-the-shelf components.

Product design and development are core specialties of Winchester Interconnect. We’ve got you covered!

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