Superior RF solution for harsh environments

Designed to achieve a Moisture Ingress rating of IP68 and to prevent de-mating caused by Vibration, Winchester Interconnect is proud to present its newly-patented Moisture Vibration Performance (MVP™) series of RF connectors. The result is a superior interconnect solution that won’t vibrate loose yet does not use lock wires, will not leak through or around the connector and, most importantly, demonstrates excellent RF Microwave performance. 

Winchester is a leading supplier of RF connectors and cable assemblies for applications where vibration presents a particularly significant challenge, such as those found on commercial and military aircraft.
MVP RF Connector Series

Today, a variety of factors is converging to drive the development of this new type of RF connector interface. Connectors and cables are not only being subjected to very high vibration, they are also subjected to harsher environments, electronics packaging is getting smaller, and service life is being extended. Traditionally, connectors used in high vibration applications employ the use of lockwires. Modern electronics are susceptible to the foreign object debris (FOD) often associated with lockwires. Other issues, such as maintenance time, are a common concern that is heard.

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