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Winchester Interconnect is compliant to Class III, IEC 60601, and ISO 13485-certified leader in the design, development, and deployment of interconnect products for the medical technologies market.

Winchester’s manufactured cable, cable assemblies/harnesses, hybrid cable assemblies (fiber & copper & coax), medical connectors, hermetic, and fiber optic products power and connect the equipment that saves lives, improves patient quality of life and makes Winchester a preferred OEM medical supplier for our customers. Integrated operating rooms, life-sustaining equipment such as ventilators, autoclave devices, diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring systems, surgical robotics, and RF Ablation systems all depend on Winchester solutions and products.

Medical Cable Assemblies
Rapid Prototype Engineering Labs

For application specific products, Winchester’s prototype engineering labs provide support at every stage of the design phase, from electrical and mechanical computer modeling to rapid prototyping of parts, to in-house verification testing.

Winchester’s support ranges from print review to turning a concept or set of requirements into a cable assembly, customized connector, or hermetic solution.

Winchester Interconnect Medical Products

Medical Cables, Cable Assemblies, and Fiber Optics

Quality and reliability are cornerstones of Winchester. We offer a wide variety of standard and custom cables, coil cords and cable assemblies. Our medical grade cables support power and data requirements for various medical devices, including Class III devices.

Winchester Interconnect engineers standard and custom cable products with technical features needed as resistance to stream gamma, ETO and other sterilization methods, chemical resistance, lot traceability, medical grade materials (including TPE, polyurethane and silicone), moisture proofing to IP standards, EMI suppression, elimination of triboelectric noise, among others..

When cables require custom strain relief or unique overmolding, our technical experts can create a custom design for your assembly. We support Non-Magnetic Verification Resonance and Matched Impedance Tuning for MRI coils, as well as other non-magnetic RF cable assemblies.

From custom fiber optic light gathering collimators to no-clean expanded beam connectors, the KINGS® Fiber Optics product lines provide custom solutions for specific medical fiber optic needs. Standard fiber requirements are satisfied by Winchester’s LC or SC products. For a more rugged solution, use our Fiber Optic Expanded Beam contacts in a standard or custom connector housing.

Medical Industry Products

Medical MRI Connectors and Cables

Medical Grade Connector Products


Non-Magnetic Connectors, are now sold under Kings-Win® brand from Winchester Interconnect™. Winchester offers a large selection of RF connector interfaces including BNC, TNC, DIN 1.0/2.3, N, SMA, BMA, MCX, and MMCX, which are ideal for I/O interconnects.

Rack & Panel products can be used on internal wiring harnesses to connect subsystems, or as an I/O connector to externally connect equipment.

Combination D-Sub connectors allow designers to mix signal, power and RF in standard D-Sub arrangements.

Winchester also offers unique wire-to-board power terminals including PowerSnap and C-Press 121 Series Press-Fit Power Terminals.


Hermetic Solutions

Feedthroughs and battery headers for implantable devices, surgical tools, and autoclave electronics, are some of the products Winchester offers. Oxide-free glass sealing process compatible with titanium and others, ceramic-to-metal brazing process using only biocompatible materials, are just some of the advantages offered to solve your challenges. Winchester’s hermetic products use Ceramax, an advanced ceramic dielectric material, as its primary sealing insulator. Ceramax seals are compatible with high-expansion metal alloys, giving the ability to seal copper alloy contacts into connector shell materials that are not possible with competing technologies. Aluminum, titanium, high expansion stainless steel alloys are just a few of the materials available to choose from.

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