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Dream Big
Have Fun
Get Stuff Done

It’s how we work. When you join our team, you’ll work in a high-energy, dynamic environment, with the resources and support to meet and exceed your career goals.


Global Benefits

Fulfilled employees are happy employees. We offer our global team unique recognition programs, access to exclusive discount programs, tuition reimbursement programs and more.

Regional Benefits:


We hire employees who dream big, know how to have fun, and get stuff done.

  • Dream Big

    We hire people who want to be part of our story. Who want to be on a winning team. Who truly care about what we are doing.

  • Have Fun

    We celebrate big wins, colleague growth, project success, and the differences we have that make us stronger!

  • GSD

    We hire people who take action. Who don’t sit back and wait to be told what to do. Who are proactive.

Why Winchester?


Our paid internships are open to students from a variety of majors. This isn’t about coffee runs or making photocopies. This is a chance to learn from industry experts in a hands-on capacity. You will be making a real difference by adding your unique perspective to our day-to-day operations.

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Winchester Interconnect encompasses all aspects of a well-rounded internship experience. The team was not only extremely welcoming but took me under their wing immediately. Thus allowing me to grow under thoughtful encouragement and succeed with accurate guidance. I was certainly nervous to join a fast-paced company with little experience, but the supportive nature of the office allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in what I was working on. During an internship here at Winchester, you are given the ability to understand all aspects of a working business, and immerse yourself in a culture which sparks innovation and promotes GSD.

Ian Miserocchi headshot
Ian MiserocchiSales Operations Analyst Intern

My favorite thing about my internship at Winchester Interconnect was the amount of respect and responsibility that came with it. I felt as though I was a normal member of the team and everyone valued my opinions and thoughts. I always loved all of the everyday work that was given, and felt as though it really built upon, and further expanded the knowledge that I previously learned in the classroom. It was a welcoming family experience at Winchester Interconnect.

Jackson Buchanan headshot
Jackson BuchananAccounting Intern

My internship at Winchester Interconnect was exceptionally rewarding. Everyone was super helpful in guiding me through all of the tools, systems and processes. Though I felt a bit lost in my career path when I initially joined, my time as an intern quickly exposed me to a course I’d never expected; And one that I love. I’m working at Winchester full-time now, and I never thought I’d get so lucky.

Samantha Bertolino headshot
Samantha BertolinoCommunications Coordinator

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