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Winchester Interconnect is a vertically integrated, world-class leader in the design and development of bulk cable, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, coil cords and connectors used in industrial robotics and AMRs. Offering an extensive array of regulatory listings and material combinations including oil resistant and halogen-free cable jackets, Winchester is sure to have the best design for your robotic need – or we’ll make it. Leveraging our in-house cable and connector engineers with decades of design expertise, customers choose to partner with Winchester for reliable solutions that keep them at the forefront of innovation of the robotics industry.

Interconnect Solutions for Robotics

Winchester Interconnect custom designs top-of-the-line cable, cable assemblies, cable harnesses, and coil cords tailored specifically for robotics and robotic applications. Our capabilities include custom bulk cable, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and coil cords specializing in continuous flex cable, torsion cable, assemblies and harnesses. We partner with industrial robotics and AMR industry leaders to design the best solution for their robotic application – whether it be a continuous flex or torsional requirement, Winchester has a cable solution for an array of mechanical stresses.

Specializing in harness design and material selection, Winchester leverages our engineering expertise, vertical integration and proprietary harness board designs to design and deliver quality wire harnesses to our robotic customers. Partner with Winchester Interconnect for industry-leading solutions for your robotic application.

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    Winchester Interconnect stands as your premier partner for advancing the capabilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and industrial robotics through unparalleled engineering and design support. Our expertise extends to crafting high flex bulk cables, coil cords, and wire harnesses, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance in dynamic environments. Elevate your automation initiatives with Winchester Interconnect’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

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