Industrial Automation

Reliable performance for industrial machines

From automation and control systems to robots and production machines, Winchester’s standard industrial cable products deliver reliable performance in demanding manufacturing environments. We design and manufacture our industrial cable products using premium thermoplastic materials.

Standard Industrial Cables

Winchester Interconnect offers a broad line of industrial wire and cables with UL and CSA certifications as well as RoHS compliance. Whether your applications require 1 million flex cycles or 20 million, Winchester has the right cable for the job, including:

  • Standard flex cables for applications with 1 million flex cycles
  • Megaflex cables for applications requiring up to 10 million flex cycles
  • Premium flex cables for applications requiring up to 20 million flex cycles
  • Servo Flex cable for applications with up to 20 million flex cycles
  • VFD cables designed specifically for long life in variable frequency drive applications
  • Control and signal cables for the full range of servo, feedback, encoder and braking applications
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Industrial Cable Assemblies

Whether you require a simple connectorized cable or an overmolded product meeting IP67 standards, Winhester can provide an off-the-shelf or custom-designed cable assembly. Cable assemblies can incorporate a wide range of industrial connectors, including:

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Push-pull
  • Circular
  • Pin-and-socket
  • D-Sub
  • Rectangular

Industrial Coil Cords

Built for a long life, Winchester coil cords employ premium materials such as finely stranded copper conductors, specialty tapes to reduce friction and advanced TPE and polyurethane jacketing formulations.


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