Vacuum Series

Complete range of connectors mounted on industry standard vacuum flanges

SRI Hermetics offers the most complete range of connectors mounted on industry standard vacuum flanges. SRIH offers complete connectivity with atmosphere and vacuum side mates to all of our vacuum multi-pin connectors. SRI Hermetics only uses UHV compatible materials for its vacuum connectors.

All of its connectors are made with beryllium-copper contacts giving you the highest current carrying capabilities. Each contact is individually sealed with our proprietary ceramic, Ceramax. Ceramax gives you a high reliability connector due to uniform stress conditions and eliminates seal failures of cracking that is associated with glass or multiphase ceramics.
SRI Hermetics can produce any flange configuration you need or can imagine. Our most popular units are listed below. If you do not see what you need or are looking for, please contact an expert for assistance.

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We recommend that you confirm the precise technical information presented on the website with an engineer before designing into your application. Read disclaimer.
While the information presented within our website is believed to be accurate and reliable, all data presented is subject to change without notice. Winchester Interconnect Corporation disclaims responsibility for any damages resulting from application or any incompleteness or inaccuracies in the information presented. Please contact us at 203-741-5400 for specific information on the latest design options and specifications.

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