Tekna Seal products are now under the Win™ brand from Winchester Interconnect™.
Win is a new product brand from Winchester Interconnect, encompassing trusted brands like Tekna Seal and others. By consolidating powerful interconnect offerings under Win, Winchester offers a stronger and more unified experience for our customers.

Over the next six to 12 months, we will transition the name Tekna Seal to the new brand, Win. Be assured that the solutions you rely on today will continue to be available under the Win brand.

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Hermetic Optical Windows

Custom optical windows are available in both compression and matched coefficient of thermal expansion material combinations.

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel frames combined with soda lime glass in circular profiles
  • Minimum stress metal injection molded (MIM) frames made from custom blended alloys to match the coefficient of thermal expansion properties of high optical quality glass materials

Tekna Seal also offers a limited selection of standard products.

Hermetic Optical Windows

Common Materials of Construction:

Compression Frame Glass
High 3xx stainless steel Soda lime
Low Kovar Corning 7052
Matched Metal injection molded Ni/Fe/Co alloy Ohara SBAL 35