A Heavy Gauge Power Cable is a single conductor utilizing insulated wire of 8 gauge or larger. Such power cables are generally internal to a system. Winchester offers manufactured power cables ranging from 8 gauge @ 40 Amps up to 750 KC mil @ 400 Amps, with an unlimited variety of interconnects.


Heavy Gauge Power Cords are typically 16 awg, and larger with multiple conductors. Power cords are generally used for external applications. Winchester provides manufactured multi-conductor power cords as large as 4 conductor, 1/0 carrying up to 120 Amps, with an unlimited variety of interconnects.




Features & Benefits

  • Process and Crimp Single Conductor to 750 mcm
  • Multi-conductor to 35 Kv/250 mcm
  • Volume Cable and Connector buying power
  • High-flexibility Litz processing and termination
  • Overmold capability
  • Survivability in harsh environments