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High Cost of Failure

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Understanding Can’t Fail Applications

Woven through Winchester’s DNA is the understanding that the products our customers manufacture matter and hold significant importance in shaping a better world. We are fortunate to play a role in this mission. But what exactly does high cost of failure mean?

We recently asked members of our team to share their thoughts:

  • “My first thought is, failure is not an option. When all else goes wrong, Winchester connectors, cables, packaging… do not fail.” – Regional Sales
  • “DOD-STD-2101 does partially define the cost of failure between critical, major, and minor. Critical is one that indicates it is likely, if the part is defective, to create or increase a hazard to human safety, or to result in a failure in a major system to perform a mission.” – RF Engineer
  • “High cost of failure means it is really either near impossible, extremely expensive, or entirely too risky to repair or replace the unit that failed.” – Regional Sales
  • “High cost of failure products set us apart from competitors – not all cable manufacturers can accomplish requirements in a high cost of failure project due to the amount of work required as well as the risks associated. These projects usually require teams to go above and beyond and put added time and energy to meet the requirements.” – Inside Sales Manager
  • “High cost of failure, we often associate this phrase with a human’s life being dependent on the system working when needed – that “cost” being human life.” – RF Engineer 

These perspectives shed light on the multifaceted nature of the high cost of failure. It encompasses not only financial implications but also human safety and the reliability of critical systems.

Winchester defines high cost of failure interconnects as those vital to a system’s performance, where failure of the interconnect system results in loss of life, significant financial damage, or failure of a mission.

Our customers rely on Winchester Interconnect to keep our citizens safe, to diagnose and treat disease, to fabricate some of the most delicate technological systems and to transport people safely every day.  

Our contributions extend to groundbreaking endeavors like returning mankind to the moon, bringing internet access to the world’s most underserved communities and helping to treat brain cancer. These are technologies that make the world a better place. These are applications where the cost of failure is too high.  

As one contributor aptly put it, “Failure will be costly for us in monetary terms, as well as resulting in losing the confidence of our customer; however, succeeding in a high cost of failure part will build the trust, confidence and relationship we have with our customer, leading to long term projects.”

Ultimately, the can’t fail application underscores the unwavering commitment of Winchester Interconnect to engineering excellence, reliability, and ensuring the success of our customers’ missions, where failure is simply not an option.

In essence, it’s about more than just products; it’s about making a difference in the world and ensuring that our solutions contribute to a safer, healthier, and more connected future for all.

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