SMA Series




876-64-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
20-000-1047-00SMA PLUG TO .047 S/R CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-0858GSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
250-900-1160PSMA Crimp Plug18 GHzPDF
TRU-13021SMA(m) to SMA(m) Adapter, Straight18 GHzPDF
20-921-9158-00SMA PLUG TO SMA JACK18 GHzContact Factory
0879-1-9SMA (M) - (F) Adapter18 GHzPDF
0879-2-3SMA (M) - (M) Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
351-060-00407RSMA PWB Jack18 GHzPDF
351-900-0630HSMA Jack18 GHzPDF
20-010-1004-08SMA PLUG TO .141 LL S/R CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
910A204FSMA 3PC Crimp RG58 GOLD BODY18 GHzContact Factory
252-500-0630GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
251-975-1165PSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
251-251-0000YSMA Jack - Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
351-875-0630HSMA Bulkhead Jack, Clamp/Crimp18 GHzPDF
251-500-1410GSMA Jack, Direct Solder18 GHzPDF
875-107-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
21-131-1040-05SMA JACK 4 HOLE FLANGE MOUNT18 GHzContact Factory
910A704HVSMA HI VOLT Straight Plug Cable .14118 GHzContact Factory
252-500-1410GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
253-060-0040GSMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
875-105-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
351-975-0751NSMA Bulkhead Jack, Crimp/Crimp18 GHzContact Factory
875-21-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
251-566-0471GSMA Threaded Two-Hole Flange Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
353-060-7442HSMA Extended Length PC Mount Jack18 GHzContact Factory
20-921-2300-00SMA PLUG TO SMA JACK 45 DEG18 GHzContact Factory
877-95-1SMA PCB Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
877-86-1SMA PCB Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
353-060-7443HSMA Extended Length PC Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
252-500-1410PSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
875-9 M09SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
878-4SMA Dust Cap18 GHzContact Factory
20-920-4200-00SMA PLUG TO SMA PLUG RA18 GHzContact Factory
873-19-3SMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
961V504EFTSMA PCB Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
910A204MSMA 3PC Crimp RG174 GOLD BODY18 GHzContact Factory
251-575-1411GSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
251-065-0026PSMA Flange Mount Jack, Slotted Contact18 GHzPDF
875-92-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
875-86-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
357-066-0040HSMA Two-Hole Flange Mount Jack, Reverse Polarity18 GHzPDF
252-253-0000YSMA Plug/Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
21-031-1000-08SMA JACK R/A 4 HOLE FLANGE MOUNT18 GHzContact Factory
351-001-0000YSMA Protective End Cap18 GHzPDF
874-3SMA Bulkhead Receptacle, Hermetic Seal, Rear Mounting18 GHzContact Factory
351-875-0360HSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
252-900-0631GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
TRU-7126SMA(f) Receptacle, 4 Hole CANDLESTICK18 GHzContact Factory
351-975-06310HSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
251-500-0850GSMA Jack, Direct Solder18 GHzContact Factory
251-060-0040GSMA Jack18 GHzPDF
351-060-7542HSMA Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
872-36-3SMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzContact Factory
251-566-1410GSMA Two-Hole Flange Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
352-900-0750HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
875-82-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
251-575-1414GSMA Bulkhead Jack, Solder18 GHzPDF
20-041-1541-00SMA PLUG RA TO .141 S/R CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
0874-2-3SMA Bulkhead Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
250-900-1164GSMA Crimp Plug18 GHzPDF
875-86-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
350-900-0630HSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
350-500-1413JSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
351-975-1160HSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
874-4SMA Bulkhead Receptacle, Hermetic Seal, Front Mounting18 GHzContact Factory
351-500-1410HSMA Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
350-900-0637NSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
1013A204MSSMA Right Angle Crimp Plug For RD-316 Cable18 GHzContact Factory
0879-11-8SMA (F) - BNC (F) Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
0870-2-1SMA (F) - TNC (F) Panel Adapter18 GHzPDF
934AN205Adapter, SMA F TO N F W/ HARDWARE18 GHzPDF
350-800-1169NSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
875-43-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
877-120-5SMA Panel Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
251-020-0042PSMA Press-Fit Jack Receptacle18 GHzPDF
350-900-0631HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
350-900-1161JSMA Plug, Crimp18 GHzPDF
877-92-1SMA PCB Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
871-68-1SMA Panel Jack18 GHzPDF
251-066-0040GSMA Two-Hole Flange Mount Jack, Captured Contact18 GHzPDF
250-250-0000YSMA Plug-Plug Adapter18 GHzPDF
875-21-18SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
0875-9-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
0874-11-3SMA Bulkhead Receptacle, Front Mounting18 GHzContact Factory
350-511-0001NSMA Plug - SMB Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
21-131-1040-04SMA JACK 4 HOLE FLANGE18 GHzContact Factory
879-13-3SMA (F) - (F) Bulkhead Adapter18 GHzPDF
0875-3-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-1418PSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
0879-1-3SMA (M) - (F) Adapter18 GHzPDF
21-146-1000-04SMA JACK PCB MOUNT FOR .094 BOARD18 GHzContact Factory
035B-060-00401HSMA Right Angle PCB Mount with Dual Board Locks18 GHzContact Factory
875-13-18SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
873-18SMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
877-87-1SMA PCB Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
21-131-1500-09SMA JACK 4 HOLE FLANGE ACCEPTS .020 PIN18 GHzContact Factory
250-900-1161PSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-060-00401HSMA Two-Leg PCB Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
352-900-1161HSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-074-0044HSMA Jack, Feed-Through Terminal18 GHzPDF
251-975-1166PSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
350-500-0478HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
20-000-1597-00SMA PLUG TO HARBOUR LL142 CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
0879-3-3SMA (F) - (F) Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
879-10-15 MA9SMA (M) - BNC (M) Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
252-500-1413PSMA Plug (Staked Captivation)18 GHzPDF
353-065-0041JSMA Special Panel Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
352-700-0630HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
351-875-0630NSMA Bulkhead Jack, Clamp/Crimp18 GHzPDF
20-041-1535-02SMA R/A PLUG SST316 TO LL335i CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
875-21-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
9306505Adapter, SMA Male TO MINI UHF Male18 GHzContact Factory
351-975-0630NSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
0879-2-1SMA (M) - (M) Adapter18 GHzPDF
351-066-0041NSMA Two-Hole Flange Mount Jack18 GHzContact Factory
252-900-1162BSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
21-146-1000-01SMA JACK PCB MOUNT FOR .062 BOARD18 GHzPDF
875-69-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
876-72-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
251-360-0001PSMA Jack - BMA Bulkhead Plug Adapter18 GHzPDF
20-921-2100-00SMA PLUG TO SMA JACK RIGHT ANGLE ADAPTER18 GHzContact Factory
351-060-0045HSMA PCB Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
252-900-1161GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
3125-1-3SMA Polarized Plug18 GHzPDF
876-60-3SMA Plug W/P Taper Grip18 GHzContact Factory
TRU-10107-GGXSMA(m) to 7MM Adapter, STR18 GHzPDF
250-500-1412PSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
350-900-1160NSMA Plug, Crimp18 GHzPDF
351-066-0052NSMA Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
252-900-1070PSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
350-900-0750NSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
350-600-0000YSMA Plug - N Plug Adapter18 GHzPDF
879-2-3 M68SMA (M) - (M) Adapter (Bulk Packaged)18 GHzContact Factory
TRU-10106-GGXSMA(f) to 7MM Adapter, STR18 GHzContact Factory
876-6SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
876-62-3SMA Plug W/P Taper Grip18 GHzContact Factory
20-040-1541-00SMA PLUG R/ A CUBE TO CABLE SLEEVE18 GHzContact Factory
353-060-0040HSMA PCB Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
351-900-0631HSMA Jack, Crimp18 GHzPDF
875-100-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
877-93-1SMA PCB Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
352-900-0630HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
20-041-1597-00SMA PLUG RA TO HARBOUR LL142 CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
352-900-1161JSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
910A205MSMA 3PC Crimp Plug RG174 (NI) BODY18 GHzContact Factory
251-075-0004PSMA Jack Receptacle18 GHzPDF
352-900-0630NSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
21-921-2040-91SMA JACK TO SMA JACK18 GHzContact Factory
351-975-0630HSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
251-066-0053PSMA Two-Hole Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
20-921-0000-00SMA PLUG TO SMA JACK ADAPTER18 GHzContact Factory
252-500-0854PSMA Plug with Press-Fit Cap18 GHzPDF
251-066-0032GSMA Flange Mount Jack, Tab Contact18 GHzPDF
250-500-0850GSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
250-900-0850PSMA Cable Plug, Compression Crimp Attachment18 GHzPDF
0873-3-1SMA Jack18 GHzPDF
21-146-1000-00SMA JACK PCB MOUNT FOR .062 BOARD18 GHzContact Factory
TRU-7154SMA(m) to SMA(m) Adapter, Straight18 GHzContact Factory
352-900-0631HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
352-700-0632HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
TRU-11166-GGXSMA(f) TO SMA(f) Adapter, Straight18 GHzPDF
874-22-2SMA Bulkhead Receptacle, Hermetic Seal18 GHzContact Factory
351-601-0000YSMA Jack - N Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
251-975-1161GSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
352-900-1163NSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
251-380-5900P3.5 mm Blind Mate Plug to SMA Jack Panel Mount Adapter18 GHzPDF
250-900-1411PSMA Cable Plug, Compression Crimp18 GHzContact Factory
350-800-0360HSMA Plug, Crimp/Clamp18 GHzPDF
872-57-3SMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
351-875-0631HSMA Bulkhead Jack, Crimp/Clamp18 GHzPDF
TRU-12600SMA(f) to QDS(f) Adapter18 GHzPDF
250-900-1160GSMA Crimp Plug18 GHzPDF
251-066-00401PSMA Flange Mount Jack18 GHzContact Factory
351-060-0040HSMA PCB Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
350-601-0000YSMA Plug - N Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
21-150-1000-01SMA JACK THREADED BARREL18 GHzContact Factory
351-975-0639NSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzContact Factory
877-21-7 MA9SMA PC Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
252-500-1413GSMA Plug (Staked Captivation)18 GHzPDF
350-900-2400HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
250-500-1410GSMA Plug, Solder Type (No Contact)18 GHzContact Factory
876-73-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
TRU-11186SMA(f) to 3.5mm(m) Adapter, Straight18 GHzPDF
3135-1-9SMA Plug, 50 Ohm18 GHzContact Factory
876-61-17SMA Plug W/P Taper Grip18 GHzContact Factory
873-46-3SMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
875-82-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
21-130-1530-00SMA JACK 2 HOLE FLANGE ACCEPT .012 PIN18 GHzContact Factory
873-18-3SMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
0876-6-18SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
873-48-3SMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-0853GSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
350-900-1161HSMA Plug, Crimp18 GHzContact Factory
252-500-0853GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
875-7SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-500-0850HSMA Receptacle18 GHzPDF
872-37-3SMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzContact Factory
871-38-3SMA Panel Jack18 GHzContact Factory
350-800-0630HSMA Plug, Crimp/Clamp18 GHzPDF
879-3SMA (F) - (F) Adapter18 GHzPDF
0873-1-3SMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
350-900-0753NSMA Plug, Crimp/Crimp18 GHzPDF
351-800-0360NSMA Jack, Crimp/Clamp18 GHzPDF
877-1SMA Panel Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
350-511-0000HSMA Plug - SMB Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
251-500-0470GSMA Jack, Direct Solder18 GHzPDF
350-511-0001HSMA Plug - SMB Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
251-575-1410GSMA Bulkhead Jack, Solder18 GHzPDF
350-900-1160HSMA Plug, Crimp18 GHzContact Factory
961A514SMA Vertical Jack GOLD18 GHzContact Factory
252-500-0634GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
0878-2-3SMA Cap & Chain18 GHzPDF
877-94-1SMA PCB Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
9311505Adapter, SMA-Male - N Female18 GHzContact Factory
351-085-0040HSMA End Launch Jack18 GHzPDF
351-085-0030HSMA End Launch Receptacle, Tab Contact18 GHzPDF
21-921-2000-00SMA JACK TO SMA JACK BLKD18 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11368SMA(m) to BNC(f) Adapter18 GHzPDF
351-085-0048HSMA End Launch Jack18 GHzPDF
879-10-8 M09SMA (M) - BNC (M) Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
251-966-0362GSMA Threaded Two-Hole Flange Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
353-060-7540HSMA Bulkhead Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
871-57-3SMA Panel Jack18 GHzContact Factory
874-1SMA Bulkhead Receptacle, Rear Mounting18 GHzContact Factory
20-921-4200-00SMA PLUG TO SMA JACK RA18 GHzContact Factory
352-500-0850HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
876-49-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-511-0000NSMA - SMB Receptacle18 GHzPDF
875-69-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
352-900-1160HSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
353-060-0043HSMA PCB Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
250-900-0631GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
872-56-2SMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
251-975-0631GSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
252-060-0040GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
250-500-1429NSMA Plug, Solder Type (No Contact)18 GHzPDF
871-13SMA Panel Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
351-351-7500HSMA Bulkhead Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
875-110-4SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
0875-1-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-875-0631NSMA Bulkhead Jack, Crimp/Clamp18 GHzPDF
961E504032E-SNAP SMA Female, GOLD .03218 GHzContact Factory
351-575-1411HSMA Bulkhead Cable Jack, Solder Attachment18 GHzContact Factory
252-900-0630GSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
252-500-0479GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
876-62-17SMA Plug W/P Taper Grip18 GHzContact Factory
21-030-1085-02SMA JACK TO .085 S/R CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
351-975-0635HSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
877-114-4SMA PC Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11177-GGXSMA(m) TO SMA(m) Adapter, Straight18 GHzPDF
871-59-3SMA Panel Receptacle18 GHzContact Factory
351-066-0053NSMA Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
250-600-2500GSMA Solder / Clamp Straight Plug18 GHzContact Factory
252-252-0009PSMA Plug/Plug Adapter18 GHzPDF
352-500-1410HSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-0850PSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
351-581-0000YSMA Jack - BNC Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
21-146-1000-16SMA JACK PCB MOUNT FOR .062 BOARD18 GHzContact Factory
250-900-1161GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-351-7501HSMA Bulkhead Adapter18 GHzPDF
961E504E-SNAP SMA Female, GOLD BODY18 GHzContact Factory
879-11-16 MA9SMA (F) - BNC (F) Adapter18 GHzPDF
20-040-1009-00SMA PLUG R/A TO STORM .110 CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-0855PSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
250-500-0858PSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
352-900-0631YSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
250-500-1424GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
879-11-15 MA9SMA (F) - BNC (F) Adapter18 GHzPDF
20-920-0000-00SMA PLUG TO SMA PLUG ADAPTER18 GHzContact Factory
879-14-15 MA9SMA (F) - BNC (F) Bulkhead Adapter18 GHzPDF
256-900-0630YSMA Reverse Polarity Straight Crimp Plug18 GHzPDF
353-975-0630NSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
251-975-0630PSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
875-91-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
21-146-1000-20SMA JACK PCB MOUNT FOR .023 TAB18 GHzContact Factory
351-060-00406HSMA PCB Mount Jack18 GHzContact Factory
251-975-0630GSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzContact Factory
350-900-0630NSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
351-600-0000YSMA Jack - N Plug Adapter18 GHzPDF
250-900-0630GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-0630GSMA Straight Plug18 GHzContact Factory
251-066-00402PSMA Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
875-59-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-065-00404HSMA Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
351-900-0630NSMA Jack18 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11786SMA(f) to Flange Mount18 GHzContact Factory
252-252-0000GSMA Plug/Plug Adapter18 GHzPDF
351-085-00410HSMA End Launch Jack18 GHzContact Factory
252-900-0630PSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
251-966-0630GSMA Two-Hole Flange Mount Jack18 GHzPDF
872-47-3SMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-1418GSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
250-500-1411GSMA Plug, Solder Type (No Contact)18 GHzContact Factory
351-060-00402HSMA PCB Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
21-921-0358-04SMA JACK TO SMA JACK 4 HOLE FLANGE18 GHzContact Factory
21-921-0355-04SMA JACK TO SMA JACK 4 HOLE FLANGE MOUNT18 GHzContact Factory
350-581-0000YSMA Plug - BNC Jack Adapter18 GHzContact Factory
251-575-0850GSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
21-146-1000-19SMA JACK PCB MOUNT FOR .075 BOARD18 GHzContact Factory
875-70-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
251-975-0637PSMA Bulkhead Jack w/ Nut18 GHzContact Factory
250-900-0630PSMA Plug18 GHzPDF
875-70-3SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
875-81-17SMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
875-57-1SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
351-060-0042HSMA PCB Mount Receptacle18 GHzPDF
20-010-1004-04SMA PLUG TO .141 LL S/R CABLE18 GHzContact Factory
250-500-1410PSMA Plug, Solder Type (No Contact)18 GHzContact Factory
875-101-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
351-591-0000YSMA Jack - TNC Jack Adapter18 GHzPDF
257-075-0000YSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
250-500-1412GSMA Plug, Solder Type18 GHzPDF
251-975-1164PSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
875-58-3SMA Plug18 GHzPDF
252-500-0850GSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory
351-975-0752NSMA Bulkhead Jack, Crimp/Crimp18 GHzPDF
251-975-0632PSMA Bulkhead Jack18 GHzPDF
20-005-0700-00SMA PLUG CABLE SPECIAL18 GHzContact Factory
250-900-1161BSMA Plug18 GHzContact Factory