EIA / MEIA Series




TRU-9829EIA 1-5/8-50(m-f) Right Angle Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-12420MEIA-1625(f) Receptacle, Panel3 GHzContact Factory
TRU-128481-5/8 EIA(m) to 7-16(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-12136EIA 1-5/8" to N(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-123631-5/8 EIA(f) to SQS(m) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-125337/8 EIA(m) to MEIA-875(m) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-124941-5/8 EIA(m) to MEIA-1625(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-123901-5/8 EIA to LC(f) adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-126697/8 EIA to QRM(f) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-124531-5/8 EIA(f) to QRM(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-128471-5/8 EIA(m) to 7-16(m) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-119281-5/8 EIA(f) to SQS(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-124527/8 EIA to SQS(f) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-11984MEIA-1625(m) to Nf) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-52157/8 EIA to SC(m), 50 Ohm Adapter, Straight6 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11803EIA 7/8 (m-f) Right Angle Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-129161-5/8 EIA(m) to MEIA-1625(m) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-125327/8 EIA(m) to MEIA-875(f) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-11891MEIA-875(f) to 7-16(f) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-121307/8 EIA(m) REPLACEABLE CONNECTOR6 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11340MEIA-1625(f) Receptacle, Panel3 GHzPDF
TRU-124951-5/8 EIA(m) to MEIA-1625(m) Adapter3 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11889MEIA-875(f) to 7-16(m) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-12496MEIA-1625(f) Receptacle, Panel3 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11890MEIA-875(m) to 7-16(m) Adapter6 GHzContact Factory
TRU-12982MEIA-875(f-f) BKHD Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-128121-5/8 EIA(m) to SQS(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-128627/8 EIA to QDS(f) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-12590MEIA-875(f) Receptacle, Panel6 GHzPDF
TRU-11892MEIA-875(m) to 7-16(f) Adapter6 GHzPDF
TRU-6801EIA 1-5/8" to SC(f) ADAPT 50 Ohm3 GHzPDF
TRU-126891-5/8 EIA(f) to QDS(f) Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-128001-5/8EIA(f) to 1-5/8EIA(f) Bulkhead Adapter3 GHzPDF
TRU-117901-5/8EIA(m) REPLACEABLE CONNECTOR3 GHzContact Factory
TRU-11339MEIA-875(f) Receptacle, Panel6 GHzContact Factory
TRU-52097/8 EIA to SC(f), 50 Ohm Adapter, Straight6 GHzPDF
TRU-114451-5/8 EIA(f) TO 1-5/8(f) Adapter, Right Angle3 GHzContact Factory