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May 2007

Kings Acquisition  RF coaxial connectors for military, aerospace, medical & data infrastructure

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August 2012

Clements National Acquisition  Winchester expands into the Rail and Mass Transit Market with large train line connectors.

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May 2013

Continental Connector Acquisition  Winchester increases its multi-pin mil/aero connectors. 

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October 2013

SRC Acquisition Winchester adds flexible & semi-rigid coax cable assemblies to its product portfolio.

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November 2013

HCMC Acquisition  Winchester expands its semi-rigid cable assembly capabilities & adds semi-rigid cable to its product portfolio. 

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April 2014

TRU Acquisition  Winchester expands into the Semiconductor and Test Markets with High Power and High Flex RF & Microwave connectors & cable assemblies. 

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September 2014

Source Technology Acquisition Winchester adds ruggedized cable assemblies, pressure transducers & MOG interconnects. 

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November 2014

SRI Hermetics Acquisition Hermetic product offerings added to Winchester’s portfolio, including Ceramax, the best ceramic sealing agent on the market.  

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