W Series

Versatile Product Offering

Winchester’s W Series Connectors feature a lightweight stainless steel W metal shell and a WSS-molded flange, non-metal shell to provide high density packaging.

Reliable Performance In Harsh Environments

The extreme versatility of Winchester’s W Series allows this connector system to be used in a wide variety of industries including commercial and military airborne equipment, guidance control systems, automated electronic equipment, ground support equipment, and cable-to-chassis/cable-to-cable. 

Available Through Distribution

Delphi™ branded W-Series products are now a part of Winchester Interconnect. Use our distributor inventory search to see what is available today!

W Series Feature

Key Features:

  • W metal shell—lightweight stainless steel
  • WSS—molded flange, non metal shell
  • Unique POLARHEX™ center jackscrew
  • Innovative contact retaining clip retention system

Technical Specifications

  • Sizes: 38, 88, 108, 132, 244
    Fixed Filter – 38, 88, 132

  • Contacts:
    Front release 22 gauge
    Crimp (22 thru 30 AWG wire)
    Solder Tail, Wire Wrap, Filter

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