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C-21 (M85028)

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Versatile Product Offering

Winchester’s C-21 / MIL-C-85028 Connectors are innovative, extremely versatile environmental connectors which utilize crimp/removable contacts. 

Reliable Performance In Harsh Environments

Individual wire seals and interfacial seals are utilized on the contacts, which provide superior moisture sealing effectiveness under harsh and extreme pressure differentials. 

Available Through Distribution

Delphi™ branded C-21 products are now a part of Winchester Interconnect. Use our distributor inventory search to see what is available today!

C-21 Series connectors made by Winchester Interconnect
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Key Features:

  • MIL-C-85028 qualified
  • Moisture sealing component utilizing crimp/removable contacts
  • Wire sizes: 16 to 28 AWG (American Wire Gauge) [0.08 to 1.0 mm2]
  • Connector sizes: 20, 52, 80, 104, 158 and 212, with size 16 contacts

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