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From high power circular connectors to miniaturized circular connectors Winchester has a solution for your application. Our lightweight micro and ultra-miniature nano circular connectors offer rugged durability for constrained unmanned applications, such as UAVs, ground robotics, automation devices and a vast number of medical equipment applications.

Winchester offers a variety of circular connectors ranging in size from ultraminiature to near-double-density 38999 styles. Microminiature circular connectors are designed for high density and lightweight applications. 

Circular Industrial Connectors (CIC) are packaged and sold in modules so that users may select the exact components to suit their application requirements.

Key Features

  • QPL supplier for MIL-DTL-83513
  • Metal or plastic shell
  • Wired Micro-D plug and receptacles
  • Standard or low profile

Technical Specifications

  • Standard Operating Temperature −55 C to 125 C
  • High Temperature versions to 200 C (add HT)
  • Mil: MIL-DTL-83513