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Rotatable Connectors

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Speedy Production Schedules

Winchester specializes in state-of-the-art rotatable connector solutions. Our engineers will work closely with you to accurately and expeditiously design to your requirements. Integrated design features such as high pressure bulkheads or retaining mechanisms as part of a complete design solution are customized to your needs. In-house manufacturing ensures quick turnaround of your total project. We can do small or large production runs with short lead times.

Lower Maintenance and Inventory Costs

Our patented, replaceable contact springs reduce downtime and save money. By using the replaceable contact spring technology (current designs from three to ten channels), these rotatable connectors provide the customer the ability to replace the main contact element of the connector in the event of wear or damage. This provides a significant cost and maintainability improvement over the other rotatable connectors.

Rotatable Connector by Winchester Interconnect
Rotatable Connector Thumbnail by Winchester Interconnect

Key Features

  • Our technicians are IPC-A-610F  certified for soldering.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperature: Up to 200 ̊C / 400 ̊F
  • Electrical Rating:
  • Dielectric strength:
  • Housing Materials: Consult
  • Connector Series
  • Voltage: 2 AMPS Max per Contact
  • Contact Mating force:
  • Pressure Rating: Up to 20,000 psi (1378BAR)
27 Point Feature connectors
CN series cable and cable connectors by Winchester Interconnect
EP series cable connectors by Winchester Interconnect