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Hermetic Packaging

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Turnkey Solutions

Winchester Interconnect offers complete hermetic packages. Our facility is vertically integrated with the necessary equipment, processes and experienced personnel to manufacture higher level assembly components and populate them with our connectors.

Sealed with Ceramax®

All Winchester Interconnect hermetic multi-pin connectors utilize exclusive Ceramax® dielectric compound in conjunction with BeCu contacts to create a best-in-class hermetic seal. Ceramax® is impervious to crack propagation, which is the #1 failure mode of conventional glass seals and lesser ceramics.

Customized for Unique Requirements

Winchester designs builds and ships integrated hermetic microwave packaging, cover assemblies using microwave absorber (PolyIron) and Hydrogen Getter, RF Feedthroughs, multi-pin connector designs, IR (infrared) packages and more. 

Key Features

  • Available in Titanium, Aluminum, and Kovar

Technical Specifications

  • Body: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium
  • Sealing: Ceramax
  • Pins: BeCu
  • Resistance: 100 M Ohm minimum at 500 VDC
  • Operating Temperature:  -50°C to 150°C
  • MIL-DTL-24308
  • Hermeticity: Less than 1 X 10-9 cc/sec He at one atmosphere differential pressure
Hermetic Micro-D Feature by Winchester Interconnect
Hermetic RF Feedthroughs semi rigid by Winchester Interconnect
UMC MicroD Feature by Winchester Interconnect