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Snap Lock

Small Size, Big Performance

The Snap Lock is a miniature, single channel, fiber optic connector that will meet your rugged, space limited, cost efficient design requirements without sacrificing performance. Snap Lock’s push/pull coupling design provides an efficient mate/demate feature while maintaining the same high optical performance associated with our multi-channel connectors.

The Snap Lock can reside on a PCB where real estate is at a premium. This miniature connector can be mounted directly onto the board, and further space reduction is achieved without the need for a threaded coupling ring.

Customized for Unique Requirements

Snap Lock is available in several versions, including in-line plug, in-line receptacle and jam-nut receptacle to meet design requirements.

Available Through Distribution

Delphi™ branded fiber optic products are now a part of Winchester Interconnect. Use our distributor inventory search to see what is available today!

Delphi Snaplock connectors
Snap Lock connector product features and specs

Key Features

  • Push/pull style single channel connector houses Delphi’s field proven termini and reduces space required for mounting
  • Utilizes the same termini and termination processes common to other Delphi fiber optic connectors
  • Pull-proof (non-optical disconnect)
  • No threaded coupling-ring required for mating
  • Lightweight

Technical Specifications

  • Compact size, with a maximum diameter of less than .25 inch [6.35 mm] for in-line and less than .30 inch [7.62 mm] for jam-nut mount