Computing & Data Infrastructure

Connecting customers with critical data

In an industry where product failure leads to costly outages and downtime, reliability is not optional. Computing and data infrastructure customers have three essential requirements: guaranteed delivery, unquestionable quality, and local support.

5G Solutions from Winchester Interconnect.™
Winchester offers a variety of cables, cable assemblies, and connectors to support front-haul and back-haul 5G equipment including antennas, MIMO, radio towers, satellites, small cells, and servers.

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With world-class manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art design tools, Winchester Interconnect builds cable, connector, and cable assembly products that exceed customers’ performance requirements.

Our experts can conduct a simple print review or transform a concept into a cable assembly, a customized connector, or a higher-level complex assembly. Winchester can meet application-specific needs, maximizing a product’s performance and durability throughout its intended life.

More than a manufacturer, Winchester is an experienced global partner. With product experts and facilities at strategically located international sites, Winchester experts are available to collaborate in real time.

Winchester continuously reinvests in cutting-edge production equipment, new products, and advanced technologies. Original equipment manufacturers around the globe have developed industry-leading technology using award-winning new products conceived and built by our experts.

Customers need technology that gives them an edge over their competitors. With its industry-leading expertise, Winchester’s products provide the right performance, the right fit and the right price—anywhere in the world.

Computing & Data Infrastructure Products

Winchester offers a wide range of products that support computing and data infrastructure.

Power Systems, Power Supplies, and UPS Systems

  • Power cables and line cords
  • LV cable assemblies
  • Value add assembly and packaging

Computing & Data Storage

  • LV Cable assemblies
  • Power cables and line cords
  • Value add assembly and packaging

Data Transmission

  • RF Switch cables
  • Power cables and line cords
  • RF connectors
  • Gangmate and blind mate connectors
  • Switch card connectors

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