Combination D-Sub Series




212-910-0632GRDM HF Plug w/ Stablizing Bushing1.5 GHzContact Factory
203-510-1410GRDM Right Angle Receptacle900 MHzPDF
RM7W7P-1004Combo D-Sub 7W7P Keyed Edge Mount Connector, First MateDC5AContact Factory
RM21WA4S-1010Combo D-Sub 21WA4SDC5AContact Factory
210-910-0362FRDM Plug, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzPDF
312-910-0631GRDM Plug5 GHzPDF
RM34W2P-1000Combo D-Sub 34W2P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
221-510-0000GRDM Power Receptacle, 40 AmpDC40APDF
RM3W3P-00-ZBCombo D-Sub 3W3P HousingDC5APDF
202-510-0470GRDM Plug900 MHzContact Factory
261-510-1410GRDM Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
RM3W3P-00-BDCombo D-Sub 3W3P HousingDC5AContact Factory
RM17W2P-50-TDCombo D-Sub 17W2P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM27W2S-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 27W2S HousingDC5AContact Factory
313-510-1410GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
RM7W7P-1010Combo D-Sub 7W7P Edge Mount ConnectorDC5APDF
311-010-6146ARDM Receptacle, Knurled5 GHzPDF
1173-500-14101J117 SERIES, STRAIGHT JACK32 GHzPDF
RM21WA4P-1028Combo D-Sub Plug ConnectorDC5APDF
202-010-6140GRDM P.C. Mount Plug900 MHzContact Factory
221-010-0045GRDM High Power PC Receptacle, 40 AmpDC40APDF
221-910-0000GRDM High Power PlugDCPDF
RM5W5S-00-ZBCombo D-Sub 5W5S ConnectorDC5APDF
200-910-1070HRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
222-010-0049GRDM Second Mate Power PlugDCPDF
311-010-6146DRDM Non-Magnetic Knurled Receptacle5 GHzPDF
221-010-0040GRDM High Power PlugDCPDF
260-910-1073GRDM Plug900 MHzContact Factory
221-510-0008GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCContact Factory
222-010-00415GCombo D-Sub Power Plug for D SizeDCContact Factory
310-100-0000GRDM Open Termination5 GHzContact Factory
261-910-1073GRDM Receptacle900 MHzPDF
RM8W8S-00-TBCombo D-Sub 8W8S HousingDC5APDF
RM13W6P-1016Combo D-Sub Plug ConnectorDC5APDF
RM7W2P-1016Combo D-Sub 7W2P Connector (RoHS)DC5APDF
RM3W3S-01-ZBCombo D-Sub 3W3S Connector w/ Clinch NutsDC5APDF
221-510-0007GRDM High Power Receptacle, 20 AmpDC20APDF
RM5W5S-1021Combo D-Sub 5W5S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM5W5S-00-TBCombo D-Sub 5W5S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM36W4P-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 36W4P ConnectorDC5APDF
200-510-0630GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
212-910-0630GRDM HF Plug1.5 GHzPDF
201-910-0360HRDM Cable Plug900 MHzPDF
311-100-0002GRDM Resistive Termination5 GHzPDF
RM3W3P-1001Combo D-Sub 3W3P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
220-010-0001GRDM High Power P.C. Plug, 40 AmpDC40APDF
313-010-6140GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
221-010-00403GRDM Power Receptacle, 40 AmpDC40APDF
200-910-0360HRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
RM3W3S-1005Combo D-Sub 3W3S Housing, Front Mount w/ Latching BlocksDC5APDF
200-010-6142GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
RM21WA4P-1008Combo D-Sub 21WA4P Connector w/ Pick and Place BracketDC5APDF
RM13W6P-1015Combo D-Sub 13W6P Plug ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
221-510-0001HRDM Power Receptacle, 20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
RM3W3P-1043Combo D-Sub 3W3P ConnectorDC5APDF
1173-900-B0001G117 SERIES,STRAIGHT,JACK32 GHzContact Factory
221-010-0049GRDM High Power Receptacle, 20 Amp, KnurledDC20APDF
260-910-1160CRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug900 MHzContact Factory
220-910-0007GRDM High Power Plug, 10/20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
RM36W4S-1014Combo D-Sub 36W4S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
200-510-0850GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
260-910-0630GRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug, 50 Ohm, Captive Center Contact900 MHzPDF
220-510-0002HRDM High Power PlugDCContact Factory
313-910-1162GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
RM9W4P-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 9W4P ConnectorDC5APDF
200-010-6140GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
220-510-0001GRDM High Power Plug, 20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
RM8W8P-00-TDCombo D-Sub 8W8P ConnectorDC5APDF
211-910-1160GRDM HF Receptacle, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzPDF
310-910-0631GRDM Cable Plug5 GHzPDF
310-910-1161GRDM Cable Plug5 GHzPDF
RM7W2S-1015-689Combo D-Sub 7W2S Connector w/ 20 Amp Power Contacts (RoHS)DC5AContact Factory
220-510-0013GRDM High Power Plug, 10 AmpDC10APDF
310-510-1410GRDM Cable Plug5 GHzPDF
1173-500-08501G117 SERIES JACK, STRAIGHT32 GHzPDF
1175-500-08501J117 SERIES,STRAIGHT,PLUG32 GHzPDF
200-910-0630HRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
311-910-0630GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
200-910-1161GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
202-010-6143GRDM P.C. Mount Plug900 MHzContact Factory
RP11W1S-10-ZBCombo D-Sub 11W1S HousingDC5APDF
311-910-1160GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
222-010-0044GRDM Power PlugDCPDF
RM7W7P-1011Combo D-Sub 7W7P Edge Mount ConnectorDC5APDF
220-910-0002GRDM High Power Plug, 10 AmpDC10APDF
210-910-0630GRDM Plug, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzPDF
221-510-0001GRDM Power Receptacle, 20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
201-010-6140HRDM Receptacle, PCB Mount900 MHzContact Factory
RM17W2S-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 17W2S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM21WA4P-1027Combo D-Sub Mounting PlateDC5APDF
310-910-0630GRDM Cable Plug5 GHzPDF
211-910-0630GRDM Receptacle1.5 GHzPDF
201-510-1160JRDM Receptacle900 MHzPDF
RM13W3S-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 13W3S ConnectorDC5APDF
RM25S-1001Combo D-Sub 25 Pin Socket Connector w/ Guide Pins and Stand OffsDC5APDF
221-910-0002GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCContact Factory
RM27W2S-1007Combo D-Sub 27W2S ReceptacleDC5APDF
1173-900-B3001G117 SERIES, JACK, RD316 (RoHS)32 GHzPDF
RM7W7S-1001Combo D-Sub 7W7S ConnectorDC5APDF
RM8W8P-1019Combo D-Sub 8W8P Housing w/ 40 Amp Press-Fit Power PlugDC5AContact Factory
311-510-1410GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
220-910-0001GRDM High Power Plug, 10/20 AmpDC20APDF
200-510-1160JRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
RM3W3P-1020Combo D-Sub 3W3P Connector w/ Press-Fit PlugsDC5APDF
RM21WA4P-1020Combo D-Sub 21WA4P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
261-910-0750GRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
RM3W3P-00-TDCombo D-Sub 3W3P ConnectorDC5APDF
201-910-1162JRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
220-010-0060GRDM Compliant Power PlugDCPDF
RM21WA4S-1006Combo D-Sub 21WA4S ReceptacleDC5APDF
221-010-00405GRDM Power Receptacle, 20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
221-510-0006GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCContact Factory
202-910-0360HRDM Right Angle Plug900 MHzContact Factory
241-910-0635CRDM Receptacle2 GHzPDF
RM3W3P-1015Combo D-Sub 3W3P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
260-910-0750GRDM Plug900 MHzPDF
200-910-0360GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
261-910-0630GRDM Crimp/Crimp Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
RM36W4S-50-TBCombo D-Sub 36W4S ConnectorDC5APDF
RM3W3S-00-TBCombo D-Sub 3W3S ConnectorDC5APDF
201-910-1160JRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
RM1W1S-00-TBCombo D-Sub 1W1S ConnectorDC5APDF
RM21WA4P-1009Combo D-Sub 21WA4P Connector w/ Pick and Place BracketDC5APDF
RP11W1P-1000Combo D-Sub 11W1P Mono BlockDC5APDF
221-910-0001GRDM High Power Crimp ReceptacleDCContact Factory
221-510-0003GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCContact Factory
36W4S-1000Combo D-Sub 36W4S HousingDC5AContact Factory
222-010-0045GRDM Power PlugDCPDF
202-910-0630GRDM Right Angle Plug900 MHzPDF
RM17W2S-50-TBCombo D-Sub 17W2S ConnectorDC5APDF
220-510-0010GRDM High Power Plug, 10/20 AmpDC20APDF
240-910-0631CRDM Plug, 75 Ohm, Coaxial Contact2 GHzPDF
312-010-6143GRDM Three Leg PC Mount Plug5 GHzPDF
260-510-0850GRDM Plug, 50 Ohm900 MHzPDF
RM7W7P-1001Combo D-Sub 7W7P Housing w/ Brackets and Grounding ClipsDC5AContact Factory
221-010-0060GRDM High Power Receptacle, Compliant PinDCPDF
RM36W4S-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 36W4S ConnectorDC5APDF
RM5W5S-1046Combo D-Sub 5W5S PCB Mount Power Connector (RoHS)DC5AContact Factory
RM8W8P-1040Combo D-Sub 8W8P Plug ConnectorDC5APDF
240-910-0632CRDM Plug, Crimp/Crimp, 75 Ohm2 GHzContact Factory
210-910-1161GRDM HF Plug, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzPDF
311-910-1161GRDM Receptacle (RoHS)5 GHzPDF
220-010-0007GRDM High Power P.C. Plug, 40 AmpDC40AContact Factory
221-010-00406GRDM First Mate/Last Break Power Receptacle, 20 AmpDC20APDF
RM21WA4S-1024Combo D-Sub 21WA4S Receptacle (RoHS)DC5APDF
311-100-0001GRDM Short Termination5 GHzContact Factory
310-010-6143GRDM End Launch Plug5 GHzContact Factory
RM5W5P-1028Combo D-Sub 5W5P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM21WA4P-1023Combo D-Sub 21WA4P ConnectorDC5APDF
RM34W2P-1010Combo D-Sub 34W2P ConnectorDC5APDF
RM36W4S-1001Combo D-Sub 36W4S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
221-510-0002GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCPDF
310-510-0850GRDM Straight Cable Plug5 GHzContact Factory
RM34W2P-1003Combo D-Sub 34W2P ConnectorDC5APDF
220-010-0008GRDM High Power Edge Mount PlugDCPDF
220-510-0000GRDM High PowerDCPDF
1175-500-14101G117 SERIES,STRAIGHT,PLUG32 GHzPDF
311-100-0000GRDM Open Termination5 GHzContact Factory
RM5W5S-1017Combo D-Sub 5W5S Connector w/ PCB ContactsDC5APDF
203-510-0850GRDM Right Angle Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
311-010-61411ARDM Receptacle, Knurled5 GHzPDF
RM27W2S-1002Combo D-Sub 27W2S Connector w/ Guide PinsDC5APDF
313-010-6040GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
240-910-0630CRDM Plug, 75 Ohm2 GHzContact Factory
RM24W7P-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 24W7P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
200-510-0470GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
201-910-0630JRDM Receptacle, Crimp/Solder900 MHzContact Factory
203-010-6140GRDM Right Angle PC Mount Receptacle900 MHzPDF
202-910-1070HRDM Right Angle Plug900 MHzPDF
200-910-1162JRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
200-510-1410GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
311-510-0850GRDM Cable Receptacle5 GHzPDF
311-010-61411GRDM Receptacle, Knurled5 GHzPDF
RM7W2S-1022Combo D-Sub 7W2S ConnectorDC5APDF
201-100-0001GRDM Short Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
221-910-0007GRDM First Mate/Last Break Power ReceptacleDCPDF
RM21WA4P-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 21WA4P Housing, Mixed LayoutsDC5AContact Factory
RM5W5P-00-ZBCombo D-Sub 5W5P ConnectorDC5APDF
RP11W1P-10-ZBCombo D-Sub 11W1P HousingDC5APDF
200-910-0630JRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
312-910-1163GRDM Plug5 GHzPDF
310-010-2041GRDM Press Fit Plug5 GHzPDF
201-010-6142GRDM Receptacle, PCB Mount900 MHzContact Factory
RM21WA4P-1015Combo D-Sub 21WA4P ConnectorDC5APDF
RM9W4P-50-TDCombo D-Sub 9W4P ConnectorDC5APDF
312-010-6040GRDM Plug5 GHzContact Factory
220-010-0002GRDM High Power P.C. Plug, 40 AmpDC40APDF
RM21WA4P-1024Combo D-Sub Mounting PlateDC5APDF
220-010-0064GRDM Compliant Power PlugDCContact Factory
220-510-0000HRDM High Power Plug, 40 AmpDC40APDF
311-910-0634GRDM Receptacle, Retaining Ring5 GHzPDF
1175-900-B3001G117 SERIES, PLUG, RD316 (RoHS)32 GHzPDF
261-910-0631GRDM Crimp/Crimp Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
RM21WA4P-1021Combo D-Sub 21WA4P Connector (RoHS)DC5APDF
RM8W8S-00-ZBCombo D-Sub 8W8S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
202-510-1410GRDM Right Angle Plug900 MHzPDF
212-910-0631GRDM HF Plug1.5 GHzContact Factory
RM8W8P-1039Combo D-Sub 8W8P ConnectorDC5APDF
261-910-1161GRDM Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzPDF
211-510-0850GRDM Receptacle, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzPDF
240-910-0630GRDM Plug, 75 Ohm2 GHzPDF
201-510-0630GRDM Receptacle900 MHzPDF
260-910-0630CRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug, 50 Ohm, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
221-510-0013GRDM High Power Receptacle, 10 AmpDC10APDF
261-910-1164GRDM Crimp/Crimp Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzPDF
RM7W7S-1002Combo D-Sub 7W7S Housing w/ Grounding ClipsDC5APDF
220-910-0004GRDM Extended Power Plug, 20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
RM3W3P-1016Combo D-Sub 3W3P ConnectorDC5APDF
222-010-00416GCombo D-Sub First Mate/Last Break Power Plug for D SizeDCPDF
200-510-0630HRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
200-910-0630CRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
312-510-0850GRDM Plug5 GHzPDF
3W3P-1017Combo D-Sub 3W3P Polarized HousingDC5AContact Factory
RM9W4S-1005Combo D-Sub 9W4S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
260-910-1161GRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug900 MHzPDF
RM24W7S-50-TBCombo D-Sub 24W7S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
201-510-0850GRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
260-910-1160GRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug900 MHzPDF
261-910-0632CRDM Crimp/Crimp Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
310-100-0001GRDM Short Termination5 GHzContact Factory
RM36W4P-50-TDCombo D-Sub 36W4P ConnectorDC5APDF
311-010-6146GRDM Knurled Receptacle5 GHzPDF
220-910-0003GRDM High Power Plug, 10/20 AmpDC20APDF
260-910-0631GRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug, Captive Center Contact900 MHzPDF
RM36W4P-1003Combo D-Sub 36W4P Connector w/ BracketsDC5AContact Factory
RM17W2P-50-UBCombo D-Sub 17W2P ConnectorDC5APDF
241-910-0630CRDM Receptacle, 75 Ohm2 GHzContact Factory
RM5W5S-1012Combo D-Sub 5W5S Connector w/ PCB ContactsDC5APDF
210-510-1160GRDM HF Plug, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzContact Factory
311-910-0631GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
260-910-0634GRDM Crimp/Crimp Plug, 50 Ohm, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
220-510-0009GRDM High Power Plug, 10/20 AmpDC20APDF
220-010-0009GRDM High Power P.C. Plug, 40 AmpDC40AContact Factory
RM8W8P-00-TBCombo D-Sub 8W8P Connector HousingDC5AContact Factory
RM5W5S-1026Combo D-Sub 5W5S Connector w/ PCB ContactsDC5APDF
201-910-0630GRDM Receptacle900 MHzPDF
201-510-1410GRDM Receptacle900 MHzPDF
260-510-1410GRDM Plug, Captive Center Contact900 MHzPDF
RM7W2S-1015Combo D-Sub 7W2S Connector w/ 20 Amp Power Contacts (RoHS)DC5AContact Factory
RM6W6P-1000Combo D-Sub 6W6S Edge Mount ConnectorDC5APDF
RM200B-17W2S-1Combo D-Sub 17W2S ConnectorDC5APDF
310-910-1160GRDM Cable Plug5 GHzPDF
201-010-6140GRDM Receptacle, PCB Mount900 MHzPDF
RM9W4S-50-TBCombo D-Sub 9W4S HousingDC5APDF
202-510-0850GRDM Right Angle Plug900 MHzPDF
220-510-0007GRDM High Power PlugDCContact Factory
RM21W1P-50-TDCombo D-Sub 21W1P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
220-510-0005GRDM High Power PlugDCContact Factory
220-010-0048GRDM First Mate Edge MountDCPDF
220-910-0008GRDM High Power Plug, 10/20 AmpDC20APDF
200-910-0630GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzPDF
220-510-0018ARDM High Power Plug, 25 AmpDC25APDF
310-010-6142ARDM Straight RDM Plug, Knurled5 GHzPDF
RM3W3P-1023Combo D-Sub 3W3P Housing w/ Filtered Power ContactsDC5APDF
RM36W4P-1005Combo D-Sub 36W4P ConnectorDC5APDF
312-010-6149GRDM Plug5 GHzPDF
221-510-0002HRDM High Power ReceptacleDCContact Factory
RP11W1S-1000Combo D-Sub 11W1S Mono BlockDC5APDF
RM13W6P-1017Combo D-Sub Plug ConnectorDC5APDF
310-511-0850GRDM Cable Plug5 GHzContact Factory
RM24W7P-50-TDCombo D-Sub 24W7P ConnectorDC5APDF
RM7W7P-1000Combo D-Sub 7W7P Housing w/ Brackets and Grounding ClipsDC5AContact Factory
RM13W3P-50-TDCombo D-Sub 13W3P ConnectorDC5APDF
203-910-0360GRDM Right Angle Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
RM9P-1001Combo D-Sub 9 Pin Connector w/ BracketsDC5AContact Factory
222-010-0047GRDM High Power Plug, 30/40 AmpDC40APDF
220-510-0008GRDM High Power PlugDCContact Factory
241-910-0935CRDM Receptacle, Crimp/Crimp2 GHzContact Factory
RM7W7P-1003Combo D-Sub 7W7P Keyed Edge Mount ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM21WA4S-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 21WA4S HousingDC5APDF
220-510-0002GRDM High Power PlugDCPDF
5W5P-1004Combo D-Sub 5W5P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM5W5S-1031Combo D-Sub 5W5S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
201-510-0363HRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
221-010-0041GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCPDF
220-910-0000GRDM High Power Plug, 40 AmpDC40APDF
312-510-1410GRDM Plug5 GHzContact Factory
261-910-1160GRDM Crimp/Crimp Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzContact Factory
RM8W8P-00-ZBCombo D-Sub 8W8P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM21WA4S-50-TBCombo D-Sub 21WA4S HousingDC5APDF
200-910-1160GRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
RM3W3S-1013Combo D-Sub 3W3S Connector w/ Snap-In Stand OffsDC5APDF
RM21WA4S-1002Combo D-Sub 21WA4S Connector w/ Power ContactsDC5AContact Factory
RM8W8S-1005Combo D-Sub 8W8S ConnectorDC5APDF
241-910-0630GRDM Receptacle, 75 Ohm2 GHzPDF
RP13W3P-10-TDCombo D-Sub 13W3P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
RM8W8S-1044Combo D-Sub 8W8S ReceptacleDC5AContact Factory
RM27W2P-1007Combo D-Sub 27W2P PlugDC5AContact Factory
RM5W5P-00-TDCombo D-Sub 5W5P Connector w/ RFI indentsDC5AContact Factory
RM9W4S-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 9W4S HousingDC5APDF
RM21WA4S-1026Combo D-Sub 21WA4S ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
201-910-1160GRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
RM9W4P-1007Combo D-Sub 9W4P Press-Fit Connector w/ 40 Amp ContactsDC5AContact Factory
117A-086-00401Z117 SERIES END LAUNCH PLUG - SOLD DIP32 GHzContact Factory
RM8W8P-1038Combo D-Sub 8W8P ConnectorDC5APDF
221-510-0000HRDM Power Receptacle, 40 AmpDC40AContact Factory
203-510-0470GRDM Right Angle Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory
201-910-1161GRDM Receptacle900 MHzPDF
RM13W3P-50-ZBCombo D-Sub 13W3P ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
220-010-0046GRDM First MateDCPDF
RM13W3S-50-TBCombo D-Sub 13W3S ConnectorDC5APDF
210-910-0636GRDM Plug, 50 Ohm1.5 GHzPDF
261-910-0634GRDM Crimp/Crimp Receptacle, Captive Center Contact900 MHzPDF
210-510-0850GRDM Plug1.5 GHzPDF
1173-500-14101G117 SERIES,STRAIGHT,JACK32 GHzPDF
313-910-0631GRDM Receptacle5 GHzPDF
RM27W2P-1002Combo D-Sub 27W2P ConnectorDC5APDF
RM34W2S-1000Combo D-Sub 34W2S ConnectorDC5APDF
310-100-0002GRDM Resistive Termination5 GHzContact Factory
222-010-0046GRDM High Power Plug, 20 AmpDC20AContact Factory
203-910-0630GRDM Right Angle Receptacle900 MHzPDF
200-910-1160JRDM Straight Plug900 MHzContact Factory
240-910-0930CRDM Plug, Crimp/Crimp, 75 Ohm2 GHzPDF
220-510-0001HRDM High Power Plug, 20 AmpDC20APDF
210-510-0850HRDM Plug1.5 GHzContact Factory
241-910-0930CRDM Receptacle, Crimp/Crimp2 GHzPDF
221-010-0043GRDM High Power ReceptacleDCContact Factory
RM21WA4S-1029Combo D-Sub Plate Mounted ConnectorDC5AContact Factory
201-910-0630CRDM Receptacle, Crimp/Solder900 MHzContact Factory
RM5W5S-01-TBCombo D-Sub 5W5S Connector w/ Clinch NutsDC5APDF
RN24W7S-1000Combo D-Sub 24W7S Connector, Rivetted, Non-MagneticDC5APDF
223-010-0010GRDM High Power Receptacle, 40 AmpDC40APDF
210-910-0632GRDM Plug, 50 Ohm w/ Stabilizing Bushing1.5 GHzPDF
201-510-0470GRDM Receptacle900 MHzContact Factory