Right Angle Overmold Coil Cord Assembly

Take a close look at industrial automation or military systems, and you’ll probably see a coil cord or two. You may not give them a second thought, but you should. These retractable power and signal cords can play an outsize role in improving the entire system’s performance and reliability.

Clever design twists on cords save cost and space while improving reliability

Made at Winchester’s Dayville, CT location, our engineers have developed a different twist on the classic coil cord geometry by creating a “pancake” cord whose coils nest within one another concentrically. This arrangement results in a coil whose retracted height equals the outside diameter of a single cable. The straight tangent end of this cord design rises perpendicularly from the center of the coils.

Military, Industrial Automation, and Oil & Gas

Are just a few of the markets that our coil cords support. Coil cords tend to be compact, with short coiled sections and tangent ends measured in inches not feet. However, we can customize length and size depending on the customer’s application.