Ceramic to Metal Seal

Ceramic to Metal Seals Tekna Seal manufactures brazed ceramic to metal seals for applications where a requirement for high operating temperature, high voltage withstanding, biocompatibility or special chemical resistance makes glass-to-metal seals unsuitable.

Two pin feedthrough
Two pin feedthrough

  • Compact geometry
  • Biocompatible materials

High density multiple pin feedthrough
High density multiple pin feedthrough

  • Compact pin spacing
  • Excellent pin position accuracy
  • Scalable pin count
  • Economical production process

The sputter deposition metallization process allows the manufacture of very compact ceramic to metal seals assemblies and allows the metallization materials to be tailored to the requirements of the application and to the braze alloys to be used.

Application Housing Insulator Conductor Pin Braze
Material combination that has been successful in applications requiring biocompatibility Titanium 99% Alumina ceramic Platinum


Electronic and general purpose Kovar Alumina Kovar or copper with Kovar transition Copper/silver alloys
High temperature Stainless steel with Kovar transition piece Alumina Kovar Gold alloys

Typical Performance Specifications

  • Hermeticity: Less than 1 x 10 -9 Std cc/sec helium leak rate at 1 atmosphere pressure differential.
  • Electrical: Typical insulation resistance values > 1 gigaohm at 500 VDC, dependent on dimensions and proportions.
  • Temperature Withstanding: > 500° C dependent upon materials of construction.