Understanding Electronic Warfare

Soldier wearing uniform using military issued laptop

Unveiling the Power of Electronic Warfare: Winchester Interconnect’s Role in Airborne Systems In the realm of modern warfare, mastering the electromagnetic spectrum is paramount. As adversaries continue to evolve, so too must our methods of defense and offense. Enter electronic warfare (EW), a crucial component in the arsenal of any military force. At Winchester Interconnect, […]

Achieving Perfect Harmony: The Importance of Phase Matching in RF Cable Assemblies

Woman examining and testing cables and connectors with microscope

Phase matching Phase matching of RF cable assemblies, a critical aspect of many RF Microwave systems, is often misunderstood but essential for optimal system performance. At Winchester, we specialize in phase matching, ensuring that your phased matched RF cable assemblies meet the exacting standards of performance and reliability. Phase matching explained Consider a four piece […]