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Building Efficiency & Uptime with Ultra-Reliable High Flex Cable Designs

Building Efficiency & Uptime with Ultra-Reliable High Flex Cable Designs by Winchester Interconnect

Customer Challenge

A large, multinational manufacturer of machine tools approached Winchester Interconnect to help solve a problem they were having with cable failures from a single location with a concentration of heavy-use robotic assembly lines. These failures were causing repeated downtime and production disruptions for our customer.

Challenge Review

Winchester was tasked with creating a cable design to withstand the robotic application’s high flex-life requirement and maintain the cable integrity when in constant contact with cutting fluid spray.

Winchester Solution

Our technical team reviewed the cable specifications, requirements, application, and the manufacturing facility’s workflow and design elements to recommend a signature product – our high-flex cable with a DuralonTM jacket.

With our inventory of stocked materials and products, Winchester was able to replace our customer’s existing cables with a quick-turn solution designed for the number of flexes needed and the highly corrosive chemicals to which the cables were exposed.


Customer Improvement

Winchester’s solution has helped prevent downtime, the need for cable replacements, and overall QA testing.