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Cable Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Case Study

Photo of two tanks - For Cable Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Case Study

Customer Challenge

The customer need was to design, develop and deploy a new defensive system aimed at protecting troops on the battlefield all within a highly compressed timeline. The system was integral to the situational awareness and critical in the protection of soldiers’ lives while operating in Afghanistan. The environment was severe. The system was field deployable and would receive ongoing abuse in the harshest of conditions. The solution had to work every time.

Challenge Review

Our task was to develop a solution for a US military defensive system that met strict environmental, usage and technical requirements. It needed to achieve 100% uptime despite the incredibly harsh field conditions. Additionally, we were challenged to design, build and deliver our solution in an unparalleled turnaround time.

Winchester Solution

The Winchester technical team prioritized all requirements, risks and technical needs. We provided a unique, highly sophisticated design that aligned flawlessly with the rigorous requirements. Our proprietary designs and engineering process allowed our engineering and operations teams to take advantage of existing superior quality, high-speed data networking cable and modify them it for this specific application.

Customer Improvement

Through our 50+ years of experience and concurrent engineering collaboration, the Winchester team mitigated technical risks, created a solution of molded cable assemblies that met all the required data rates, while also meeting both Mil-Std 810C environmental requirements and Mil-Std-461 EMC requirements.