Product Design and Development

Product design and development is a core specialty of Winchester Interconnect. Employing teams of multi-disciplinary technical experts, equipped with the latest design and simulation tools, Winchester’s development process draws on deep expertise and a collaborative spirit.

Winchester’s experts are specialists in early design optimization, using experience and advanced simulations to analyze products’ performance. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities capable of quickly producing samples, Winchester can fast-track design, validation, and testing to ensure products meet performance requirements well prior to shipping.

Winchester has the experience, resources, skillsets, and global reach to meet or exceed customer and industry requirements and expectations.

Global Manufacturing

With a modern, connected network of design, manufacturing, and distribution facilities around the world, Winchester is a true global manufacturer.

Winchester employs over 1,000 people in advanced production facilities across the United States and around the world, creating and developing its extensive range of advanced interconnect products.

Environmental, Electrical and Mechanical Testing

As part of Winchester’s laser-focus on technical leadership, customer responsiveness and product quality, the company employs an array of environmental, electrical and mechanical testing methods. Winchester’s capabilities include electrical, thermal cycle/shock, X-ray, and dimensional testing, and simulation testing that speeds product development time.

Hermeticity Testing

When applications require hermetic seals, product failure is frequently not an option. Winchester builds ultra-reliable hermetically-sealed products and tests them rigorously and extensively.

Winchester has the capability to test for hermeticity and can detect leaks at a rate of up to a 10x-8 cc/hr.

Supply Chain Services

Act locally, think globally. Winchester Interconnect Supply Chain Group lives by this motto, drawing on the expertise of local facilities while sourcing products and materials at the most strategic locations worldwide.  

By treating strategic suppliers as partners, Winchester implements inventory and sourcing programs creatively. Winchester’s feet-on-the-ground model allows the Supply Chain Team to take a nimble, customer-centered approach, responding to customers’ requests with speed, efficiency, and a sense of urgency.