Cadillac products are now under the Cadillac-Win™ brand from Winchester Interconnect.™
In order to unify as Winchester Interconnect, we now offer products from four powerful product brands, including Cadillac-Win. We value the strength of the Cadillac name and products; the Cadillac-Win product brand is an important part of Winchester Interconnect.

Over the next six to 12 months, we will transition the name Cadillac to the new brand, Cadillac-Win. Be assured that the Cadillac solutions you rely on today will continue to be available under the Cadillac-Win brand.

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The Cadillac-Win brand includes a wide range of products that meet its customers’ ruggedized needs.

These products include the 480 Series, 27 Point Connectors for rail applications and threaded, circular CN and EP Connectors for industrial and hazardous oil and gas environments.  

Originally designed for military aircraft use, the CN and EP Series meet Mil-C-5015 specifications and are widely used in various industrial applications that require solder or removable crimp contacts. Multipin and single pole connectors are available under the CN and EP Series. The EP Series is ATEX/IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas such as petrochemical refineries, land and offshore drilling systems. The CN Series can be used in industrial environments and facilities.

The Cadillac-Win product range also includes circular reverse bayonet (Ethernet VN-PC Series) and other reverse bayonet configurations for industrial (CVB Series connectors) and high performance applications (CVBS Series).

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